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State of the City—Winthrop and Gibbon

by Winthrop Mayor Kelly Pierson

It’s that time again to reflect on the past year. At first glance you think not much has changed but in reality the city has had a busy year. Our city electrical, water, sewer, and street departments have all been combined into one city utilitiy department. Troy Martin is now the Utilities Supervisor and doing a very good job. He had large shoes to fill with the retirement of Gordy Grack, who had been with the city for more than 4 decades. I would like to thank Gordy for all the years of dedicated service to the city.


by Gibbon Mayor Jeff Gatton

The City of Gibbon had one major project in the works for 2019. We started a street construction project and reconstructed the infrastructure within the streets. This project ended up costing the City almost $2 million. There were approximately eight blocks that were done within the project area. The project will be completed by July 1 with placing an additional inch of topcoat on the streets.


For the complete story check out the January 8 issue of the Winthrop News.

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