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Public Notices January 22

NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING ON PROPOSED SCHOOL CLOSURE INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 2365 (GFW SCHOOLS) SIBLEY AND RENVILLE COUNTIES, MINNESOTA Notice is hereby given that the Board of Education of Independent School District No. 2365 will hold a public hearing on the question of the necessity and practicability of the proposed closing at the end of the 2019-2020 school year of the following school: GFW Intermediate School 300 3rd Avenue SE, Fairfax, MN 55332 The public hearing on the question of this proposed closure will take place on : Date: Monday, February 3, 2020 Time: 6:30 PM Location: GFW Primary School Gymnasium 323 E 11th Street Gibbon, MN 55337 GFW Intermediate School is being considered for possible closure for reasons including, but not limited to: (1) excess Districtwide building capacity and/or (2) District Statutory Operating Debt. Expectations for the public hearing, including rules of decorum, will be posted on the District website at Please visit the District website for additional information about the public hearing, including submission of requests to speak at the hearing. Dated: January 20, 2020 BY ORDER OF THE SCHOOL BOARD /s/ Marisa Lee School District Clerk Independent School District No. 2365 (GFW Schools) Sibley and Renville Counties, Minnesota 16c


City of Winthrop Snowplowing Policy 1. Introduction The city of Winthrop Minnesota, finds that it is in the best interest of the residents of the city to assume basic responsibility for control of snow and ice on city streets. Reasonable ice and snow control is necessary for routine travel and emergency services. The city will attempt to provide such control in a safe and cost effective manner, keeping in mind safety, budget, personnel, and environmental concerns. The city will use city employees, equipment and/or private contractors to provide this service. This policy does not relieve the operator of private vehicles, pedestrians, property owners, residents and all others that may be using public streets, of their responsibility to act in a responsible, prudent and cautious manner, given the prevailing street conditions. 2. When Will the City Start Snow or Ice Control Operations? The Utilities/Public Works Director will decide when to begin snow or ice control operations. The criteria for that decision are: A. Snow accumulation of 1 inch or more. B. Drifting of snow that causes problems for travel. C. Icy conditions which seriously affect travel. D. Time of snowfall in relationship to heavy use of streets. Snow and ice control operations are expensive and involve the use of limited personnel and equipment. Consequently, snowplowing operations will not generally be conducted for snowfall of less than one (1) inch. 3. How will the snow be plowed? Snow will be plowed in a manner so as to minimize traffic obstructions. The business district streets the snow will be pushed to the center of the road and removed with the snowblower. Snow will be removed and hauled to a snow storage area. The snow storage area will be located so as to minimize environmental problems. No vehicle shall be parked for more than 30 minutes between 2:00 am and 6:00 am November 1st to April 1st in the business district. The business district consists of the following streets: Main Street from 5th Street to the Railroad Tracks Carver Street from 4th Street to 1st Street Renville Street from 2nd Street to the Railroad Tracks Nicollet Street from 2nd Street to 1st Street 3rd Street from Main Street to Hennepin Street 2nd Street from County Road 33 to Hennepin Street 1st Street from Nicollet Street to Hennepin Street All other streets the snow will be pushed on to the boulevard area of the street. In times of extreme snowfall, streets will not always immediately be able to be completely cleared of snow. Cars parked on residential streets outside the business district will have 12 hours from the time plows go out to move the cars off the street. Cars that are not moved after 12 hours will be ticketed and may be towed. 4. Priorities and Schedule of Streets to be Plowed The City will plow the business district first and haul the snow away from the downtown. The residential streets will then be plowed at the discretion of Utilities/Public Works Director and the severity of the levels of snow in different areas of town. Alleys will be plowed last as time, staff and budget permits. Unforeseeable circumstances may cause delays in completing assigned plow routes. Such circumstances may include weather conditions that endanger the safety of snowplow operators and/or safe and effective operation of equipment, commuter traffic, disabled vehicles, poor visibility conditions, parked cars along streets, assistance to emergency response vehicles, equipment breakdown, and personnel shortages. 5. Work Schedule for Snowplow Operators Snowplow operators will be expected to work their assigned shifts. In severe snow emergencies, operators sometimes have to work longer shifts, but will be paid overtime for hours in excess of 40 per week, or pursuant to any collective bargaining contract language. While work breaks are not guaranteed, generally operators will take breaks in accordance with city policy, provided breaks do not interfere with city service operations. In addition, operators will be allowed sufficient time to eat a meal during any shift which is eight or more hours, or as provided by the collective bargaining agreement. 6. Traffic Regulations The city recognizes that snowplow operators are exempt from traffic regulations set forth in Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 169 while actually engaged in work on streets, except for regulations related to driving while impaired and the safety of school children. Pursuant to this authority, snowplow operators engaged in snow removal or ice control on city streets have discretion to disregard traffic laws set forth in Chapter 169, except for laws relating to impaired driving and school children safety, when in their judgement, it is safe to disregard such laws. The privileges granted herein to operators of snow removal and ice control vehicles shall apply only if the vehicle is equipped with one lighted lamp displaying a flashing, oscillating, or rotating amber light placed in such a position on the vehicle as to be visible throughout an arc of 360 degrees. 7. Weather Conditions Snow and ice control operations will be conducted only when weather conditions do not endanger the safety of snowplow operators and equipment. Factors that may delay snow and ice operations include: severe cold, significant winds, and limited visibility. 8. Use of Sand, Salt, and Other Chemicals The city will use sand, salt, and other chemicals when there are hazardous ice or slippery conditions. The city is concerned about the effect of such chemicals on the environment and will limit its use for that reason. 9. Sidewalks The city will maintain the sidewalks owned by the City, EDA and Winthrop Historical Society. As there are a limited number of personnel available, the city will only maintain these sidewalks. It is the responsibility of the resident and/or property owner to remove all accumulated snow from all other sidewalks along public streets adjoining the property. This includes any snow plowed from public streets on to the sidewalk. All snow blown into city streets after the snowplows have already cleaned, will need to be removed by the property owner. Snow blown into the streets and left there after snowplows have cleaned the streets may be subject to fines from the City. 10. Mailboxes Snowplow operators make every effort to remove snow as close to the curb line as practical to provide access to mailboxes for USPS and other carriers. However, it is not possible to provide perfect conditions while also attempting to minimize damage to mailboxes from indirect contact given the size of equipment and amount of snow pushed into the boulevard. Thus the final clearing adjacent to mailboxes is the responsibility of each resident and subject to the delivery requirements of USPS and other carriers. The City does not possess the resources to respond to and plow in front of individual mailboxes. Damage to a mailbox is a risk that snowplow operators face during their winter plowing requirements. The city will conduct a review of each mailbox damage claim to determine whether the city has any legal responsibility for the damage and, if so, to provide reimbursement for the mailbox. If the city, in its discretion, determines that reimbursement is appropriate the city may provide reimbursement in a reasonable amount for the mailbox and support posts that meet the city’s standards, as well as state and federal requirements for mailbox size, support and placement. 11. Fire Hydrants The City Council of the City of Winthrop has declared as a matter of public policy that property owners shall be responsible to remove snow, from a three (3) foot radius, around fire hydrants near their property. The hydrants need to be cleared for use of the hydrants by proper emergency personnel. In the event that a resident is unable to remove the snow, City Hall should be notified to make other arrangements. 12. Landscaping Landscaping, including nursery and inanimate materials that are installed or encroach on the public owned right-of-way are permitted but the owner assumes all risk of damage. The City will assume no responsibility for damages incurred as the result of snow removal and ice control activities except that the City, at its option, will place seed in areas where turf has been damaged, only on City owned right-of-way that is damaged, as a result of plowing activities. 13. Complaint Procedure Complaints will be recorded on telephone logs or via e-mail to city hall. Calls requiring service will be transferred to a work request and forwarded to the appropriate supervisor for scheduling. Emergency complaints will be handled in an expeditious manner as resources are available. 14. Deviation from Policy The Utilities/Public Works Supervisor may deviate from this policy when in his or her judgement it is in the best interest of the city or is necessary because of budget needs or other circumstances. Changes in priorities (lasting more than 4 hours) will be documented as to what caused such actions, why the change was necessary, and for how long the change is to be in effect. Those city employees and/or contractors affected will be notified immediately by radio or cell phone of such changes with all communications logged. Information logged will include the time and date of the communication, name of employee contacted, and how they were contacted. Any changes of priorities lasting more than 24 hours should be made in a written record and the public should be informed of such changes through normal methods used by the city for emergency notifications. 15. Review and Modification of Policy The City Administrator shall keep on file all comments and complaints received regarding this policy. The policy will be reviewed periodically. Any review will consider comments and complaints since the last review and any other factors affecting the policy or its implementation. 16c


Public Notice of Auction: Mages Land Co. & Auction Service LLC will be conducting a public auction for the contents inside of 2 storage units. Auction to be held at the #21 & #25 units located in the North storage building at 55780 St Hwy 19, Winthrop, MN on 1/30/2020 at 10:30 am. This will be a cash only sale. Contact Matt Mages (507) 276-7002, for more info & terms. 15-17(af)c

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