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Winthrop Resilience Task Force

by Mayor Kelly Pierson In these uncertain times the thing I fear the most is not knowing. Not knowing how bad this will be. Not knowing how long it will last. Not knowing if a loved one will get sick or how sick they may become. Not knowing when things will get back to normal. What does help me is information! I believe in numbers. According to the latest numbers 81 percent of those that contract the virus will have a mild case of the disease. 14 percent will have a severe case of the disease and 5 percent will have a critical case of the disease. Keep in mind the numbers seem to change often but have stayed in this general area. Another thing that helps me, is being as prepared as I can and as your Mayor that is exactly what we have been doing in the City. We have new protocol for our office and utility department employees.


For the complete story, check out the April 1 issue of the Winthrop News.

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