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Hahn scores big muskie

This is probably one of my favorite muskies of the year so far,” said Isaiah Hahn, of You Bet! – Fishing Guide Service in Park Rapids. “My old man’s first ever Muskie, and it’s a beauty! Of course this fish is extra special being my dad’s first, but anytime you can share the boat with the guy who got you excited about the sport of fishing to begin with is always special. The thing about my dad (Dave Hahn) is that he is a big time walleye fisherman and definitely more of the “hunter and gather” type of angler, meaning it is a successful fishing trip if you are able to bring fish home to clean and eat. With that said, it can be challenging just to talk him into going muskie fishing to begin with, as everything is catch and release only when it comes to muskie fishing. However, I think I got him hooked chasing some big predator fish now! This Muskie crushed him way out on the cast and it was an epic battle to the boat. Congratulations Dad on your first every Muskie!  You Bet!”

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