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City awards CARES Act grant money

The City of Winthrop awarded the CARES Act grant money to eight businesses and one public entity. Businesses awarded $7,500 were Pimo’s Bar, Tanker Bay, Uncle Charlies, Elite Health and TW Inc. T-Bird Club was also awarded $7,500. The Winthrop News was awarded $7,349, Country Drive In $2,250 and Roger Hahn $1,600. The six that received $7,500 all requested more and those applications were forwarded to Sibley County for additional funding. The money left over after the grant applications were awarded also has been forwarded to Sibley County. The grant funds that the city was given to distribute was divided equally among the number off applications received which resulted in a maximum grant of $7,500. The deadline for applications to Sibley County was Tuesday, Sept. 15. All funds need to be spent by December 15. Unused funds at that point are returned to the State of Minnesota.

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