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Local election results

After a contentious national election that will be facing recounts and lawsuits, the official results may not be known for quite some time. Locally, the ballots will be canvassed next week but the winners seem to be quite clear cut. The vote totals are as of Monday evening, Nov. 9. GFW School Board had two races on the ballot. In Winthrop, Drew Schmidt collected 1,573 votes (56.48 percent) to win the open seat. Nathan Loewy received 594 votes and Pete Schuckert 592. In Gibbon, incumbent Jason Haas won with 2,059 (71.67 percent) votes with Carl Rains, Jr. receiving 776. The special election for a two-year seat was won by Casey Prochniak who got 2,522 votes (98.09 percent) who ran unopposed. In Fairfax, Dan Merkel ran unopposed as well, receiving 2,374 (87.73) percent of the votes. There was just one race for City Council in Winthrop for a two-year position. Megan Schmidt garnered 483 votes (73.63 percent) while Lynn Drinkall received 169 (25.76 percent) Mayor Kelly Pierson was re-elected with 630 votes (95.6 percent) as were Council incumbents Julie Trebelhorn 567 votes (59.75 percent) and Pete Machaiek 363 votes (38.25 percent). All three Gibbon candidates ran unopposed. Steve Klukas received 380 votes (98.7 percent) for mayor. Greg Hartmann 318 votes (51.62 percent) and April Hillmann-Firle 294 votes (47.73 percent) were elected to the two open seats. Republicans ran away with the State Senate and House or Representative races in District 18 and 18B, respectively. Scott Newman collected 31,345 votes (71.35 percent) while Chad Tschimperle had 12,534 votes (28.53 percent) in the Senate race. In House 18B, Glenn Gruenhagen was re-elected with 15,472 votes (71,37 percent). Heather Bakke received 6,184 votes (28.53 percent). In the Presidential race, Democrat Joe Biden tallied 52.4 percent of the vote in Minnesota (1,718,243) while President Trump came in with 1,485,037 (45.29 percent). Biden is President-elect pending lawsuits and recounts. In the U.S. Senate, Democrat Tina Smith holds onto her seat with 48.74 percent of the vote at 1,567,760. Jason Lewis received 1,398,997 votes (43.5 percent). In U.S. House District 7, Republican Michelle Fischbach defeated incumbent Collin Peterson. Fischbach had 194,013 votes (53.4 percent) while Peterson received 144,781 votes (39.85 percent). The Winthrop News will have vote totals by precinct in its next edition.

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