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Public Notices November 11

Winthrop City Council Regular Minutes Monday, October 5th, 2020 A regular meeting of the Winthrop City Council was called to order by Mayor Kelly Pierson at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, October 5th, at the City Hall. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE ROLL: Council members: Kelly Pierson, Pete Machaiek, Julie Trebelhorn, Dale Malheim, Rob Edwards and Lynn Drinkall, City Staff present: City Administrator Jenny Palmer, Utilities/Public Works Supervisor Troy Martin, Ambulance Captain Ed Stoll, Chief of Police Karen Johnson. Audience: Mike Mattison (Winthrop News), Bryan Petzel (ISG), and Roger Schanus (CarlsonSV). APPROVAL OF AGENDA Palmer added assessments/ hearing information for 2020 Construction project under item a. New Business. Motion Trebelhorn, second Malheim to approve the agenda as amended. Passed voice vote. APPROVAL OF CONSENT AGENDA Motion Malheim, second Edwards to approve consent agenda. Passed voice vote. NEW BUSINESS a. Construction Project Update and RFP #3 Holtmeier Construction/Assessment Hearing (A)— Bryan Petzel updated the council that the project is nearing the end. There are just a few miscellaneous items to address. Motion Edwards, second Malheim to approve RFP #3. Passed voice vote. Petzel went on to present to the council that he has prepared the final assessment rolls and the assessments are around $1,000 under original estimates. Resolution R2020-22 Resolution Declaring Costs to be Assessed and Ordering Preparation of Proposed Assessments was presented for approval. Motion Malheim, second Edwards to approve. Passed voice vote. Petzel then presented R2020-23 Resolution for Hearing on Proposed Assessment. Motion Trebelhorn, second Malheim to approve. Passed voice vote. The assessment hearing will be held at the November 2nd city council meeting. b. R2020-19 Resolution Approving Issuance of GO Bonds 2020C (The Lodge Refinance) (A)— Motion Edwards, second Machaiek to approve refinancing the bonds for the 2013-1 issue which funded The Lodge of Winthrop through Community Asset Foundation. Passed voice vote. Malheim against. c. R2020-21 Resolution Authorizing Sale of GO Abatement Bonds 2020B (RS Fiber Refinance (A)—Motion Trebelhorn, second Edwards to approve the refinance of the RS Fiber bonds with Winthrop as the lead issuer. Passed voice vote. Malheim against. d. 2019 Audit Report CarlsonSV (A)—Roger Schanus presented the 2019 Winthrop audit report to the council. Funds are stable with good reserves. Motion Edwards, second Trebelhorn to approve the audit. Passed voice vote. e. Ambulance Request to purchase Fernco Cot/Contribution for rig and cot. (A)—Ambulance Captain Ed Stoll presented an updated bid for the rig that came in under the previously approved cost at $229,460. He also asked for permission to purchase a Fernco Cot for $35,681.30 ($39,681.30 plus a $4,000 credit for the old cot). They would also like to contribute $80,000 towards the cot and ambulance purchase to offset the total cost. Motion Malheim second Drinkall to purchase the Fernco cot for $35,681.30. Passed voice vote. Motion Malheim, second Drinkall to allocate $80,000 of the Pitzner donation and checking funds to the purchase of the cot and new rig. Passed voice vote. f. Extend Background to Erick Cruckson (A)—The Police Committee met with two previous applicants last month and would like to extend an offer of a background check to Erick Cruckson. If he passes the background and psychological evaluation he will then be offered a position. Motion Edwards, second Trebelhorn. Passed voice vote. Malheim against. g. Employee Exit Interviews/Separation Checklist (A)— Mayor Pierson would like to start having exit interviews with employees prior to them leaving the city of Winthrop employment. Palmer provided a model interview and checklist from the League of Minnesota cities. Council feels it is a good idea and that the Mayor should be the one to do the interviews. Pierson asked Palmer to bring a final draft to next month’s meeting. h. Purchase Utility Vehicls (A)—Martin presented a quote for a 2021 GMC Sierra 3500HD for $33,800 on state bid. There is also a quote from Crysteel for a fiberglass body ($17,659) and lighting ($3,000) for a total of $54,459. There is adequate reserves in the utility funds for vehicle purchase. Motion Malheim, second Edwards to purchase the vehicle, fiberglass body and lighting. Passed voice vote. i. Sledding Hill (A)—Council agreed last year to allocate $8,000 from the walking paths money towards the sledding hill on Pleasant Ave. Council directed Palmer to get a price on the cost to remove the stumps approximately 20-25 stumps. REPORTS OF OFFICERS, BOARDS AND COMMITTEES a. ADMINISTRATOR/EDA REPORT—Palmer reported that she has been working on electric sales and cost of sales to see why the 2019 numbers took a dip. Working on updating the Heartland Water/Wastewater agreements. Met with Troy and ISG regarding the wastewater reuse project and the storm water study project. The 204 N. Hennepin property sale is final. Attended a couple LMC webinars and the Sibley County Multi Hazard Mitigation Plan zoom meeting. EDA Report—32 hours on EDA related tasks in September. Attended Chamber and Winthrop Opportunities meetings, helped with the Community picnic, worked on the 2019 audit report, helped potential beautician business with loan application. b. CITY LEGAL REPORT— Attorney Walton introduced his new associate. c. WATER/SEWER DEPARTMENT REPORT—None d. STREET DEPARTMENT—Martin reported that they have been working on installing the new street lights on Hennepin and Carver. e. ELECTRIC DEPARMENT REPORT—MMPA Summary. Also Machaiek gave an update on the MMPA meeting. h. POLICE CHIEF’S REPORT—Johnson provided a written report k. CABLE COMMISSION—Malheim stated that they are working on gathering costs to update the Public Access channels on 7 & 8 to HD. ADJOURNMENT Motion Malheim, second Edwards to adjourn. Passed voice vote. Meeting was adjourned at 7:57 pm. Jenny Palmer, Administrator

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