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GFW Board switches senior high to distance learning

by Doug Hanson

While the data shows the COVID numbers in the two GFW schools are still in the single cases, the county numbers surrounding are climbing quickly.

The Regional Support Team didn’t recommend any particular model, but they did have a consensus that GFW needed to do something different.

Superintendent Jeff Horton presented five learning models to discuss. During that discussion the Board concentrated on the PreK through 8th grade continuing with in-person teaching and moving the 9-12 students to all distance learning.

The other option discussed was having some type of A and B days for some of the grades. That meant that half the students in a grade would come two days a week to school and then have three days of distance learning. The other half of the class would come on two other days to school, thus allowing for more room to spread out the students.

Both options were discussed with the pros and cons of each. In the end four Board members voted for the PreK-8 in person with 9-12 in distance learning. Board member Mike Kuehn voted against saying that he didn’t feel it was the best option.

The Board agreed to meet on Wednesday, Dec. 30 to review the data again and see if there was a way to bring the 9-12 grade student back to in-person learning.

News report this week

The front page of this week’s Winthrop News reported GFW continuing in-person learning. That decision was made on November 24. On Tuesday morning as the News was heading to the press we learned the Board had called an emergency meeting to review the learning model. Changes are happening quickly!

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