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Winthrop’s State of the City

by Mayor Kelly Pierson

Last year in my State of the City article, on the second to the last line, I wrote: Once again I feel our city is well positioned to handle the challenges and opportunities that will arise in the coming year. And what a year it has been! I am happy to say we have adapted and overcome many of the challenges that were presented. I can’t thank our employees and council enough for implementing new policies and procedures needed to continue to run the city without interruption. I want to thank the ambulance department for all the sacrifices they make by putting themselves on the front line serving our community every day. I want to thank the fire department for all the extra effort they have made to protect our community. I also want to thank our police department for their continued service and commitment to our community during this stressful time for our residents. We added two new committees this year due to the pandemic. The COVID 19 committee which is made up of all the department heads and various community leaders immediately affected by the pandemic. The second committee is the Winthrop Resilience Task Force, which is made up of and led by our local community resident volunteers. A big thank you to both! Lastly but most importantly, I want to thank the residents for the way they have dealt with all the adversities we have experienced this year. We depend on the support of our community to endure and accomplish all we do in this little community of ours. It reminds me of why I live here. Now, on to the State of the City. I am glad to say that our general fund has not been affected much to date and hope it will continue that way. The final top coat of pavement will be put on our recent street project this coming spring and it looks great. Now we need to start replacing all those beautiful trees that had to be removed due to the project. The city is in the process of having a city wide study completed to help alleviate some of the flooding problems that we experienced during our two (once in a century) rain falls. One of the most important goals this year, for the city, will be helping our small businesses survive the shut downs due to the pandemic. The city will do all we possibly can to help assist our businesses that have been adversely affected by the shut downs. We constantly monitor the programs that are available through the State and Federal government that are available to our businesses in need. Please feel free to contact our EDA with any concerns or assistance you may need. The coming year will be a year of catching our breath and continuing to monitor and assess the affects the pandemic has had on our community. With confidence, I can once again say, the City is well positioned to handle the challenges and opportunities that will arise in the coming year. I am proud and honored to serve the City of Winthrop as your Mayor and thank you for the opportunity to do so.

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