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DFA collects water for Texas

Dairy Farmers of America in Winthrop organized a water drive that will help serve those in need in Texas after the storm and power outage there. Seven pallets of water were donated by local residents. “We have several facilities in Texas. When we saw that they needed water, we decided to ask the community to join in and donate water,” said Jeanne Johnson, HR. The donations were taken from February 20 and ended on Thursday. A truck came from Springfield, MO, picked up more items at a plant in St. Paul and was expected to get to Texas Sunday. “We want to thank everybody in Winthrop and the surrounding communities for caring,” she said. Drew Schmidt came in and packaged a pallet from Winthrop Market. “It broke my heart seeing on the news a little girl trying to scoop up snow to melt down some water to drink. I came in and said we are going to do a water drive,” Johnson said. “I thank all the employees here that were instumental in pulling this project together.”

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