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Public Notices April 14

FRANCHISE AGREEMENT Summary Publication Example Ordinance No. 2021-145 Summary of Ordinance No. 2021-145 AN ORDIANCE GRANTING CENTERPOINT ENERGY RESOURCES CORP., d/b/a CENTERPOINT ENERGY MINNESOTA GAS (“CENTERPOINT ENERGY”), ITS SUCCESSORS AND ASSIGNS, A NON-EXCLUSIVE FRANCHISE TO CONSTRUCT OPERATE, REPAIR AND MAINTAIN A GAS DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM INCLUDING NECESSARY GAS MAINS, PIPES AND EQUIPMENT FOR THE TRANSPORTATION, DISTRIBUTION, AND SALE OF GAS FOR PUBLIC AN DPRIVATE USE AND TO USE PUBLIC WAYS AND PUBLIC GROUNDS OF THE CITY OF WINTHROP FOR SUCH PURPOSES; AND PRESCRIBING CERTAIN TERSM AND CONDITIONS TEREOF. The following is the official summary of Ordinance No. 2021-145 approved by the Winthrop City Council on April 5th, 2021. The purposed of the ordinance is to grant to CenterPoint Energy a 20 year non-exclusive franchise to operate, repair and maintain a natural gas distribution system within the city limits of the City of Winthrop. The terms and conditions of service and the rates to be charged by CenterPoint Energy for natural gas energy are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission. The ordinance provides for a method of dispute resolution if either the City of Winthrop or CenterPoint Energy asserts that the other party has defaulted in the terms of the gas franchise ordinance. The ordinance provides that all gas facilities shall be located, constructed, and maintained so as not to interfere with the safety and convenience of ordinary travel along and over public ways. The ordinance also provides that CenterPoint Energy shall indemnify and hold the City of Winthrop harmless from liability on account of injury to persons or damage to property occasioned by the construction, maintenance, repair, inspection, the issuance of permits, or the operations of the Gas Facilities located in the City of Winthrop’s public rights of way and public grounds.   28(af)c

CITY OF GIBBON RESOLUTION NO. 2021-02 A RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING TITLE AND SUMMARY PUBLICATION OF ORDINANCE 162 WHEREAS, the City of Gibbon has enacted Ordnance 162 entitled AN ORDINANCE REGULATING LIQUOR AND ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES; and WHEREAS, Minnesota Statutes 412.191 subd. 4 requires new ordinances to be published once in the official newspaper of the city; and WHEREAS, Ordinance 162 is 15 pages long, and thereby too lengthy for full publication; and WHEREAS, Minnesota Statutes 412.191 subd. 4 allows for publication of the title and a summary of an ordinance that is too lengthy for full publication; THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, by the Council of the City of Gibbon: 1. The title and a summary of Ordinance 162 shall be published, conforming to Minnesota Statute section 331A.01, subdivision 10, with notice that a printed copy of the ordinance is available for inspection by any person during regular office hours at the office of the city clerk and via electronic mail. 2. A copy of the entire text of Ordinance 162 shall be posted the City Council. 3. The council hereby approves the following text for publication of the title and summary, and hereby determines that it clearly informs the public of the intent and effect of the ordinance: TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: THE CITY OF GIBBON HAS ENACTED ORDINANCE #162: AN ORDINANCE REGULATING LIQUOR AND ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES. Minnesota Statutes 412.191 subd. 4 allows for publication of the title and a summary of an ordinance that is too lengthy for full publication. The City Council of the City of Gibbon has determined that summary publication of the title and a summary of an ordinance would clearly inform the public of the intent and effect of the ordinance. A printed copy of the ordinance is available for inspection by any person during regular office hours at the office of the city clerk and via electronic mail. The following is a summary of Ordinance 162: Ordinance 162.01 Adoption of state law by reference; 162.02 City may be more restrictive than state law; 162.03 Definitions; 162.04 Nudity on the premises of licensed establishments prohibited; 162.05 Consumption in public places; 162.20 Number of licenses which may be issued; 162.21 Term and expiration of licenses; 162.22 Kinds of liquor licenses; 162.23 License fees; pro rata; 162.24 Council discretion to grant or deny a license; 162.25 Application for license; 162.26 Description of premises; 162.27 Applications for renewal; 162.28 Transfer of license; 162.29 Investigation; 162.30 Hearing and issuance; 162.31 Restrictions on issuance; 162.32 Conditions of license; 162.33 Hours and days of sale; 162.34 Minors on premises; Employment of minors; 162.35 Restrictions on purchase and consumption; 162.36 Suspension and revocation; 162.55 Issuance of other licenses; 162.99 Penalties. 4. The publishing of this title and summary shall be deemed to fulfill all legal publication requirements as completely as if the entire ordinance had been published. The text of the summary shall be published in a body type no smaller than brevier or eight-point type. 5. Proof of the publication shall be attached to and filed with the ordinance. Said Resolution No. 2021-02 passed and adopted by the City of Gibbon this 6 day of April, 2021. Motion made by Hartmann and seconded by Tabbert. SEAL /s/Steve Klukas, Mayor ATTEST: /s/Dana Lietzau, City Administrator Aye Steve Klukas April Firle Greg Hartmann Greg Olson Roger Tabbert 28-29(af)c


Winthrop City Council Regular Minutes Monday, March 1st, 2021 A regular meeting of the Winthrop City Council was called to order by Mayor Kelly Pierson at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, March 1st by Zoom. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE ROLL: Council members: Kelly Pierson, Pete Machaiek, Julie Trebelhorn, Dale Malheim, Rob Edwards and Megan Schmidt, City Staff present: City Administrator Jenny Palmer, Public Works Director Troy Martin, Police Officer Aron Hacker, Aaron Walton, Walton Law Group. Audience: Mike Mattison (Winthrop News), Bryan Petzel and Walter Eshenauer (ISG Group). OPEN PUBLIC FORUM No one spoke APPROVAL OF AGENDA Palmer added k. Joint Powers Agreement with the BCA. Motion Malheim, second Trebelhorn. Passed voice vote. APPROVAL OF CONSENT AGENDA Motion Trebelhorn, second Malheim. Passed voice vote. NEW BUSINESS a. Wastewater Reuse Project Presentation (A)— Walter Eshenauer and Bryan Petzel presented to the council the Phase II report of the Wastewater Reuse Project with Heartland Corn Products. They stated that they have met with the PFA funding agents and they feel the project would score high in their rating schedule. They also said that they feel DFA and Heartland would be better served with a rate adjustment to pay their share of the project instead of contributing up front cots. The City can apply for better funding options. The total of the project is $17,950,000 with potential construction start of 2023-2024. The next step is to have the Utility Committee meet with Heartland and DFA and see if they are in agreement to proceed with the project. Motion Malheim, second Edwards to approve the Phase II report. Passed voice vote. b. R2021-03 Resolution in the Matter of Property at 606 N. Carver (A)— Aaron Walton updated the council on the status of the property at 606 N. Carver and the hazardous building. This resolution will give the property owner 30 days from date of service to remedy the property or the city will take care of the structure and assess the costs to the property owner. Walton will file a copy of the resolution with the courts. The city would hire someone to take the structure down. Motion Malheim, second Edwards. Passed voice vote. c. Hire (1) Full Time Public Works Worker (A)—Palmer reported that Utilities Worker Oscar Olson has made it known that he will be retiring January 2022. With summer coming, staff would like to hire the new full time person and reduce the summer part time help to one person for the season with help from the new public works worker. Motion Trebelhorn, second Schmidt to advertise to hire a Utilities/Public Works worker. Passed voice vote. Malheim and Machaiek against. d. Hire (1) Part Time Summer Help Worker (A)—With the hire of a new Utilities/Public Works worker the city should get by with one park summer help person. Motion Edwards, second Trebelhorn to hire one summer part time park helper. Passed voice vote. e. Fuel Tank Quote (A)—Martin presented a quote to the council for a fuel storage tank from UFC. He said there have been a few times when they were plowing snow and they were unable to get diesel fuel at Fill Me Up. There were also times when they went to get fuel and it came out so slow it took a lot of time to fill up equipment. He would like to get a fuel tank for the city garage so they will have access to fuel when they need it. There was discussion on specifications on the tank and PCA requirements. Malheim feels that cardtrol cards should be sufficient. Edwards wants the staff to be able to provide reliable snow removal to residents without worry of access to fuel. Motion Edwards, second Trebelhorn. Passed voice vote, Malheim against. f. Ordinance 2021-145 Center Point Gas Franchise Agreement (1st Reading) (A)—Palmer and Walton reviewed the agreement and agree it is a standard franchise agreement. Motion Malheim, second Trebelhorn to approve the first reading. Passed voice vote. g. R2021-02 Resolution in Support for Managing Water Flows (A)—This resolution was sent to all of the council members from the Minnesota River Congress. It is a group that has been organized to work with legislatures to raise funds to provide more water storage to protect infrastructure and improve water quality. Motion Trebelhorn, second Schmidt. Passed voice vote. Malheim and Edwards against. E-911 Uniform Addressing Consideration (I)—Aaron Walton suggested that the City look to implementing an E-911 ordinance to require residents to have their house number visible from the street. Consensus was to have Walton bring an ordinance to the next meeting. i. Closed Session to Discuss Personnel Issue (I)—The council called for a closed session to discuss evaluating Karen Johnson as authorized by MN Statute 13D.05 subd. 3. Motion Edwards, second Malheim to close the meeting. Passed voice vote. Meeting closed at 8:22 pm. Motion Machaiek, second Malheim to open the meeting. Passed voice vote. The meeting was re-opened at 8:51pm. Discussion and implementation of a performance plan on the Chief of Police was discussed. No action was taken. j. Consideration of Assistant Chief of Police Position (A)—The council discussed the need to have an “acting chief” per city code, in the absence of the Chief of Police being available. They also discussed creating an assistant chief of police position as a permanent assistant to the Chief. The council will have the committee review the assistant position and make a recommendation to the council at the next meeting. Motion Malheim, second Trebelhorn to appoint Aron Hacker acting chief. Passed voice vote. k. Joint Powers Agreement w/BCA (I)—Officer Hacker informed the council of the opportunity to have the BCA train her in internet crimes against children. They will pay for her training and she will be available to other cities in the county if needed. Council agreed to proceed and bring a resolution to the next meeting for approval. UNFINISHED BUSINESS None REPORTS OF OFFICERS, BOARDS AND COMMITTEES a. ADMINISTRATOR/EDA REPORT—Palmer reported that she has been working on personnel issues and assisting the City Clerk with the audit. homes. Palmer spent 22 hours on EDA related tasks doing bookwork, completed the 2021 Music in the Park Grant, met with Mike DeWitte, worked on the Google ads map. The sale of the RS fiber building is complete. c. WATER/SEWER DEPARTMENT REPORT—Martin said the SCADA system is almost done. e. ELECTRIC DEPARMENT REPORT— i. MMPA Public Summary—included: Pete also updated the council on the MMPA discussion on electric rates after the ice storms and cold in Texas. There is a press release that came out last week. h. POLICE CHIEF’S REPORT—written report ADJOURNMENT Motion Malheim, second Machaiek to adjourn. Passed voice vote. Meeting adjourned at 9:08pm. Jenny Palmer, Administrator 28c

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