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Public Notices June 16

CITY OF WINTHROP ORDINANCE NO. 2021-147 AN ORDINANCE AMENDING CODE SECTION 902.13 TO ADD MULTI-FAMILY RESIDENTIAL AS A CONDITIONAL USE WHEREAS, the City of Winthrop has adopted subdivision regulations in accordance with Minn. Stat. § 462.358, which regulations apply throughout the City of Winthrop; and WHEREAS, City Staff and the City Council have determined that it would be beneficial for the City and meet the growing demand for housing to allow more buildings in the downtown area to be utilized for residential purposes. NOW, THEREFORE, the City Council of the City of Winthrop, Sibley County, State of Minnesota, hereby ordains as follows: 1. Section 902.13 Subd. 4 shall be amended to the following: § 902.13 Subdivision 4. Conditional Uses. Subdivision 4. Conditional Uses. The following uses shall require a Conditional Use Permit, based on the procedures set forth in Section 17 of this Ordinance. 1. Open outdoor sales, service, or rental as an accessory use provided: (a) That when the area abuts upon a dwelling, it is fenced or screened from the abutting property; and (b) Sales areas are surfaced to control dust. 2. Commercial Planned Unit Developments regulated by Section 16 of this Ordinance. 3. Automobile service stations, including sales, gasoline service stations, and auto repair garages. 4. Drive-in restaurants, drive-in banks, and other drive-in services. 5. Apartments and Multi-family residential housing. 6. Uses, which in the judgment of the Planning Commission and City Council, are similar to those listed in this zoning district as outlined in the process of 902.06, Subdivision 4. PASSED AND ADOPTED THIS 7th DAY OF June, 2021. WINTHROP CITY COUNCIL By:Kelly Pierson Mayor ATTEST: Jennifer Palmer City Administrator 37(af)c


STATE OF MINNESOTA COUNTY OF SIBLEY DISTRICT COURT FIRST JUDICIAL DISTRICT PROBATE DIVISION Court File No.: 72-PR-21-19 NOTICE OF AND ORDER FOR HEARING ON PETITION FOR FORMAL PROBATE OF WILL AND APPOINTMENT OF PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE AND NOTICE TO CREDITORS In Re: Estate of Delmar A. Bussler, Decedent It is Ordered and Notice is given that on July 6, 2021at 10:45 a.m., a hearing will be held in this Court at Sibley County Courthouse, 400 Court Avenue, Gaylord, Minnesota 55334, for the formal probate of an instrument purporting to be the decedent’s Will dated July 16, 1993, and a Codicil dated August 2, 2016, and for the appointment of Cynthia Jackson, whose address is 515 S. Main Street, Winthrop, Minnesota 55396, and Jeffery Bussler, whose address is 511 N. Carver, Winthrop, MN 55396, as co-personal representatives of the estate of the decedent in an unsupervised administration. Any objections to the petition must be raised at the hearing or filed with the Court prior to the hearing. If the petition is proper and no objections are filed or raised, the personal representatives will be appointed with the full power to administer the estate, including the power to collect all assets; pay all legal debts, claims, taxes, and expenses; sell real and personal property; and do all necessary acts for the estate. Notice is also given that, subject to Minn. State. § 524.3-801, all creditors having claims against the decedent’s estate are required to present the claims to the personal representative or to the Court within four (4) months after the date of this notice or the claims will be barred. BY THE COURT /s/ Amber Donley Judge of District Court Dated: June 3, 2021 Karen V. Messner /s/ Teresa Giesen Court Administrator THIS INSTRUMENT WAS DRAFTED BY: Paul C. Glaeser, Attorney At Law 1013 First Avenue P.O. Box 437 Gibbon Minnesota 55335 507-834-6212 ARN#215958 37-38(af)c


Winthrop City Council Regular Minutes Monday, May 3rd, 2021 A regular meeting of the Winthrop City Council was called to order by President Peter Machaiek at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, May 3rd. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE ROLL: Council members: Pete Machaiek, Julie Trebelhorn, Dale Malheim, Rob Edwards and Megan Schmidt, City Staff present: City Administrator Jenny Palmer, City Clerk Melissa Lorenz, Utility Billing Clerk Matthew Schuth, Acting Police Chief Aron Hacker, Aaron Walton, Walton Law Group. Audience: Doug Hanson (Winthrop News), Tom Mattray OPEN PUBLIC FORUM No one spoke APPROVAL OF AGENDA Palmer removed item a. 2020 Audit Report and added item h. Ordinance 2021-147 1st Reading. Motion Malheim, second Edwards to approve the agenda as amended. Passed voice vote. APPROVAL OF CONSENT AGENDA Motion Edwards, second Trebelhorn. Passed voice vote. NEW BUSINESS a. 2020 Audit Report (A)— Removed b. Delinquent Utilities Update/Payment Plan Presentation (A)— Utility Billing Clerk Schuth presented to the council a payment plan for residents who have past due utility bills. The plan will require residents to come in and fill out an application for the plan and they will be able to repay over a 12 month period. There is also a forgiveness option based on income. The payment plan would be a three strike system. The council also discussed a forgiveness option for businesses not to exceed $500 total forgiveness. Motion Malheim, second Trebelhorn to approve the plan as presented with the addition of a $500 forgiveness option for businesses payments. Passed voice vote. c. Hire Tom Mattray Full Time Public Works (A)—The Utilities Committee interviewed three applicants and recommends Tom Mattray for hire effective June 14th. Passed voice vote. d. Advertise for FT Police Officer (A)—Acting Chief Hacker expressed the need to advertise sooner rather than later for a new Full Time officer to replace Officer Reed Mitchell who will be leaving in September. Motion Trebehorn, Second Edwards to advertise through June 2021 if needed. Passed Voice Vote. e. Bi-Directional Amp for GFW Schools (A)—Included in the packet is a quite from Alpha Wireless to install a bi-directional amp in the high school to improve radio signal for Police and EMS services in the building. This was presented to the council in 2018 as a 1/3 split between GFW, Sibley County and the City of Winthrop. Sibley County and GFW have both given tentative approval, waiting on board action. The bid includes a used BDA so this quote is slightly less than the one presented in 2018. Motion Edwards, second Malheim. Passed voice vote. f. Computer Use Policy (A)—City Attorney Aaron Walton presented a computer use policy for the city to adopt. It will help clarify what city documents and programs can be used and where. Council would like to add language “any work created by an employee in the capacity of their role as a city employee is property of the city” Motion Trebelhorn, second Edwards to approve the policy as amended. Passed voice vote. g. Collection Service Agreement for Ambulance Service (A)—Billing Clerk Schuth would like to coordinate with the Ambulance billing company Expert T Billing, to use the collection agency that they use to try and get better collections from outstanding bills. Motion Edwards, second Malheim. Passed voice vote. h. Ordinance 2021-147 Amending City Code Section 903.13 to add Multi-Family Residential as a Conditional Use (1st Reading) (A)—Palmer presented this ordinance as a first reading to address a property downtown that is currently for sale. There may be an opportunity to provide multi-family housing in downtown as a conditional use. The property owner would have to apply for a conditional use, the Planning Commission would hold a public hearing and make recommendation to council. Motion Trebelhorn, second Malheim to approve 1st Reading. Passed voice vote. Edwards against. i. with the officers and contact MNDOT & Heartland Corn Products and see what we can do about the signage. UNFINISHED BUSINESS j. None REPORTS OF OFFICERS, BOARDS AND COMMITTEES a. ADMINISTRATOR/EDA REPORT—Palmer reported that she has talked to Tim Becker, Sibley County will be doing some more sidewalk repairs and repairing the pot holes on Main Street. We are very short staffed in the park, Palmer would like to continue to advertise for part time help, motion Trebelhorn, second Schmidt to continue to advertise for summer help, passed voice vote. ED Rude was out to re-plat the Industrial Park, they are currently writing up new legal descriptions. There is an access concern that Palmer is working on. MNDOT and Heartland Corn have been contacted regarding new vehicle noise signs on Highway 19. Heartland was agreeable to move the signs, MNDOT is getting a price on new larger signs. Malheim would like new signs on 19 also. Park committee met and discussed some upgrades for the South Park behind the City Garage to be put in the budget for 2021 and forward. Jackie Siekman with the Winthrop Garden Club approached the city about taking down the Roger Erickson sign on the south side of town. Palmer told her that the Chamber would be addressing it at their next meeting. WEDA Palmer spent 20 hours on EDA related tasks, the billboard should be up by May 10th outside of Norwood, the Google promo should be complete soon. Finished up Music in the Park grant, Winthrop was awarded a grant for 2021. Finished WEDA audit. i. MMPA Public Summary—included Pete also updated the council on the MMPA meeting. h. POLICE CHIEF’S REPORT—written report VIII. MISCELLANEOUS X. ADJOURNMENT Motion Edwards, second Malheim to adjourn. Passed voice vote. Meeting adjourned at 8:11 pm. Jenny Palmer Administrator

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