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Public Notices January 19

Winthrop City Council Regular Minutes Monday, Dec. 6th, 2021 A regular meeting of the Winthrop City Council was called to order by Mayor Kelly Pierson at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 6th. ROLL: Council members: Kelly Pierson, Rob Edwards, Dale Malheim, Megan Schmidt, Pete Machaiek, Julie Trebelhorn. Members Absent: None. City Staff present: Michael Looft, City Administrator, interim police chief Aron Hacker, police officers Larry Warzecha, Bryan Hasbargen, and Reed Mitchell. Open Public Forum None was to speak. Approval of Agenda Councilor Pete Machaiek wanted pot holes added to the agenda, Councilor Megan Schmidt wanted building permits. Motion Malheim, second Edwards. Passed voice vote. APPROVAL OF CONSENT AGENDA Pay Equity Report was added to agenda and taken off consent agenda. Motion Edwards, second Trebelhorn. Passed voice vote. PUBLIC HEARINGS Truth in Taxation: no written comments were received. No one spoke on the proposed tax levy. ISG: Requested the final approval of the final pay for 2020 street and utility projects. This would be the release of the 2020 project. Council should approve it contingent upon receipt of the final project form from the company. Motion Malheim, second Machaiek. Passed voice vote. NEW BUSINESS a. ISD 2365: GFW Strategic Planning Update: Superintendent Jeff Horton presented with three students their findings at other school districts for updating curriculum and programming for students. The city council received the reported information. b. Establishment of a Library Committee and creation of bylaws. City Attorney Aaron Walton informed the council that this would be an advisory board. The new city library board would interact with the county board and be a liaison to the Winthrop City Council. This would update the city ordinances to include 11 standing committees, including the library board. Motion to accept resolution 2021-07: To change the ordinance to include the library board. Motion Trebelhorn, second Malheim. Passed voice vote. Adopt Resolution 2021-08 City Tax Levy of 1.33%. Motion Edwards, second Schmidt. Passed voice vote. d. Approval of police employment search using previous police chief job description. Motion by Edwards, second Malheim. Passed voice vote. e. Charging station: Councilor Machaiek informed the council on the opportunity from MMUA. It is the addition to the city for a car electric charging station. The station would be free of charge, the city takes responsibility for site selection, utility lines, and general upkeep and maintenance. Utility commission must find a spot and place the unit. Motion by Trebelhorn, second Edwards. Passed voice vote. f. Swearing in of new police officer: Bryan Hasbargen. Interim Police Chief Aron Hacker introduced Bryan to the city. Hacker administered the official oath of office. g. Pot Holes: Grant street was brought up. More research needs to be done by the utilities committee to identify the correct owner of the road and who is responsible for condition. No action taken. h. Building Codes/Permitting: A better plan to identify, distribute and follow up to building permits was discussed. A system will be put in place by city administration and administered by public works and building inspector. No action taken. i. Pay Equity Report: An order to receive the report to the State of Minnesota labor division for the annual pay equity report. The report was inputted by City Administrator Looft and approval is needed by the City Council. Motion by Edwards, second by Trebelhorn. Passed voice vote. Old Business a. Closure of Carver Street: open discussion. There was concern by business owners that there was not enough time to react to the action from city council to eliminate parking on one side of Carver Street. Utilities committee will review and identify new solutions to Carver Street. Business owner Rodney Fischer would like to be invited to the utility meeting. No action taken. CLOSED MEETING: Security Meeting End of Closed Meeting. The meeting was opened to the public to discuss updates. REPORTS f. Ambulance Captain’s Report – Year end update: 225 calls, which is down from 249 in the previous year. With the increase in pay for 2021, the balance was about even. Two recruits are ready to be on board, one has already passed their exam. k. Park Committee – Trebelhorn: the park committee approved $5000 to be spend with ISG. ISG will help complete a master plan for Winthrop City Park by February. Adjournment Motion to adjourn by Malheim, second by Trebelhorn. Passed voice vote. Meeting adjourned at 8:53pm. Michael Looft, Administrator


Independent School District GFW Public Schools December 20, 2021 Summary of regular school board meeting. Full text is available for public inspection at 323 East 11th Street, Gibbon, MN 55335. CALL TO ORDER The regular board meeting of the GFW School Board was held on December 20, 2021 at the Elementary School Gibbon, MN. Board Chair Kuehn called the meeting to order at 6:35 p.m. ALSO present: Superintendent Horton, Lee, Haas, Merkel, Prochniak, Schmidt, Haas, Lee, Lane Kochelman from Abdo, Press Hanson, Press Bosniak, Technology Werner, Press Busch, Michael Hart from PMA. Absent: None Haas left the meeting at 7:14 p.m. APPROVE AGENDA Lee moved with support from Haas to approve the agenda with the addition of discussion of work sessions and addition of discussion of bus drop offs in Winthrop . Motion Carried. CONSENT AGENDA Prochniak moved with support from Lee to approve the following consent agenda. Motion Carried APPROVAL OF RESOLUTIONS AND ACTION ITEMS Revised School Board Policies Kuehn moved with support from Prochniak to approve the Revised Board Polices 102, 406, 413, 501, 503, 507, 515, 524, 534. Motion Carried Set Levy Amount Kuehn moved with support from Schmidt to approve the amount of $2,520, 082.77 for the Levy. Motion Carried School Board Meeting Dates for 2022 Schmidt moved with support from Lee to accept the 2022 School Board Meeting dates. Motion Carried. Resolution: Support of the Congressional IDEA Full Funding Act Prochniak moved with support from Schmidt to approve the Support of the Congressional IDEA Full Funding Act Resolution. Yes – Schmidt, Prochniak, Merkel, Kuehn, Lee No – None Motion Carried Resolution: Donations Kuehn moved with support from Lee to approve a $1000.00 donation from Georgia Messner for band/choir, $120. 00 from the Blackbaud/Eclab Giving Fund, $500.00 from Jane Lebens for scholarships, $1735.00 from Prairie Lakes Art for Arts Project Grant at elementary, $2500.00 from CRC for FFA, another $2500.00 from CRC for FFA and $100.00 from Winthrop General Federation of Women’s Club for elementary art supplies. Yes – Lee, Kuehn, Merkel, Prochniak, Schmidt No – None Motion Carried Work Sessions Jan. 3rd, work session discuss classes and curriculum. Meet at 5:30 p.m. School Bus Loading and unloading in Winthrop. We should get the buses off the highway for loading and unloading. Add a no parking zone next to school on the street? Make the circle a one way and have buses in two lines? EXECUTIVE (CLOSED) SESSION Superintendent’s Evaluation Lee moved with support from Schmidt to close the regular board meeting at 8:06pm. Motion Carried Kuehn moved with support from Lee to open the close session at 8:08pm Motion Carried Kuehn moved with support from Lee to close the close session at 9:05pm Motion Carried Kuehn moved with support from Schmidt to reopen the regular board meeting at 9:09pm. Motion Carried ADJOURNMENT Kuehn moved with support from Merkel to adjourn at 9:09 pm.. Motion Carried Marisa Lee, Clerk 16c



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