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Bernadotte and Round Grove to join the Gibbon voting precinct

by Doug Hanson

The GFW School Board was informed last month that because of the 2020 census, the voting precinct would have to be changed. The population of each precinct must fall within a 10 percent range or for GFW between 1,782 and 2,177. The GFW District has a total population of 5,939. The Gibbon precinct had the City of Gibbon and the township of Grafton, Moltke, Severance, West Newton, Cornish and Lafayette for a total of 1,611. The Winthrop precinct include the City of Winthrop, Bismarck, Transit, Alfsborg, Bernadotte, Round Grove and Penn for a total of 2,462. The Fairfax precinct include the City and townships of Brandon, Wellington, Cairo, Camp and Ridgely for a total of 1,866.

For the entire story, check out the March 30 issue of the Winthrop News.

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