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GFW School Board Notes

The new updated highway signs were presented to the Board at its July meeting. Two sizes were presented, a 5 foot by 10 foot sign and a 4 foot by 8 foot sign. The 5×10 was approximately $1,100, while the 4×8 sign was approximately $740 plus installment. The Board was discussing six signs, three coming into Fairfax and three coming into Winthrop. Board Director Casey Prochniak thought that the 4×8 sign would be adequate. Director Drew Schmidt asked what the installment cost would be. Superintendent Jeff Horton did not have information on those costs. Two ideas were presented, put a limit on the installment cost or table to next month. The Board chose to table the decision to next month.

The entire story can be read in the July 27 issue of the Winthrop News.

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