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Public Notices September 7

Winthrop City Council Meeting Minutes Monday, June 27, 2022. A Regular Meeting of the City Council of the City of Winthrop was called to order at 7 p.m. on June 27, 2022, in the city council chambers of the City Hall, for the purpose of conducting city business. Councilors Present: Mayor Pierson, Schmidt, Trebelhorn, Machaiek, Edwards, Wickenhauser. Councilors Absent: None Staff: Michael Looft, Troy Martin, City Attorney Walton, Chief Logan Anderson, Asst Chief Aron Hacker, Fire Chief Justin TenEyck. The agenda was approved from a motion by Machaiek and second by Trebelhorn. Motion passed by unanimous voice vote. CONSENT AGENDA Receive the order filed from the Treasurer regarding financial summary of operating results (unaudited) through June 26, 2022, including General Fund information. Minutes and financial claims were motioned by Edwards, seconded by Wickenhauser. Motion passed by unanimous vote. PUBLIC HEARINGS Diane Fredin: Carver Street Parking – covered in open public forum. Michael read the Diane Fredin email, recommended side parking. “Please consider the following as my request for the City to remove the yellow curb marking on the west side of 223 North Carver (east side of the street), home of the Winthrop Historical Museum: I ask that the City remove the yellow (no parking) strip on 223 North Carver (east side of the street). As you know, Pimo’s has now closed. Parking on both sides of the street should no longer be a hazard for vehicles being able to go safely south on Carver. Parked pickups on both sides of the street in front of Pimo’s definitely was a hazard. We have little close parking available for visiting guests to the Museum. The house directly north of our building now has a family that uses their side of the street for parking of their cars. Many of our guests have disability situations and find it difficult to walk a distance from their vehicles to our Museum. Our building is handicapped accessible in that it has an exterior ramp, interior rest room for the disabled as well as an electric stair chair in going down & up to/from the basement. We are having our yearly Open House on Friday, July 8th from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and on Saturday, July 9th from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. I would appreciate the removal of the yellow stripping before Farm City Funfest days. I thank the council in advance for approval of my request.” – Diane Fredin, Winthrop Community Historical Society. Megan brought up multiple handicapped parking issues in downtown. Looft informed Councilor Schmidt that some of those issues are being addressed during the next line painting. NEW BUSINESS a. MMPA: Updated Delegates to MMPA (A) Motion to update the MMPA delegates by Edwards, seconded by Schmidt. Motion passed voice vote. b. MMPA: Load Shedding Policy (A) After a brief description of the energy loan shedding plan there was a motion by Trebelhorn, seconded by Machaiek. Motion passed by voice vote. Opposed by Edwards. c. ISG 2nd Street Utility/Street Project: Topographic Survey $39,500 (A) Brian gave a brief overview of the study and how the planning process is going. Brian said that we are doing a booth at Farm City Fun Fest and pair that with a digital survey. We will also be doing a stake holder meeting with business owners later in the week after Farm City Fun Fest. Motion made by Trebelhorn to move forward with a topographic survey, Seconded by Edwards. Motion passed unanimously by voice vote. d. County Library Service Agreement (I & A) There is some concern over the contract received from the County. The County included items in the service agreement that we are unable to follow. Looft will follow up with outside counsel and bring back a favorable agreement. e. Financial Software Update: (I) i. Civic Systems, BS&A Software, Tyler Technologies Motion to proceed to purchase Civic Systems by Edwards, Seconded by Schmidts. Motion passed by unanimous voice vote. f. City Administrator’s Evaluation: Comments / Survey Results (A) Motion to accept the survey result by Trebelhorn, seconded by Schmidts. Motion passed by unanimous voice vote. g. School Resource Officer (SRO): Updated Contract and Pricing (A) The recommendation to the council will proceed forward on the changes for financial obligations by all parties. Edwards discussed the reports of increased bullying without an SRO program. Edwards also brought up that having a SRO increased security and on the ground intelligence. Trebelhorn sees the program as a success, based on the relationship that the students have with the current SRO. Edwards also included concerns of budgetary difficulties, the school budget and city budget are on different schedules. Motion made by Edwards to send a new contract with updated pricing, seconded by Machaiek. Motion passed by unanimous voice vote. h. Liquor Permit for Farm City Fun Fest 2022 (A) Motion to approve the temporary liquor license by Edwards, Seconded by Trebelhorn. Motion passed by unanimous voice vote. i. Snowplow Purchase Options (A) Motion by Machaiek for up to $120,000 for a used snowplow truck, seconded by Edwards. Motion passed by unanimous voice vote. OLD BUSINESS (went first) a. Fire Department Request for Purchase of a new tanker, estimated amount of $275,999.00: Fire chief presented the purchase of the new tanker. Chief informed the council that if not signed by July 6th the price will increase. Fifty-percent is paid for by townships, 50% by the City of Winthrop. Motion to approve the purchase by Edwards, seconded by Trebelhorn. Machaiek was opposed. REPORTS OF OFFICERS, BOARDS AND COMMITTEES a. Public Works Department Report- Troy Martin mentioned the park and talked about the strategy for the park improvements. b. Electric Department Report –April’s financial reports looked very good on a state level. Going forward on renewable energy. Our price is still 10% below the competitors. c. Police Chief’s Report Chief Anderson went over the numbers of incidents in the city. Anderson also reported about the case highlights in Winthrop, including the burglary in the laundry mat. Updates on PD: Old ammunition was sold. The PD purchased a gun safe; the evidence guns will also be stored in it. Evidence room has made progress to be in compliance. Police Department has been painted and revamped. Desks have also been purchased with the new computer system. A new evidence processing station has been created at the PD, it is a fully dedicated place for drug testing kits, scales and vacuum plastic bag thing. The PD is looking to upgrade their cameras to a cloud-based system, Anderson gave an overview of the system. Anderson also gave an overview of the purchasing of a new squad car in 2026. The Chief also reported that the Lions Club gave a donation of $4,000 for wrestling mats for the new defensive tactics department. d. Park Committee- Trebelhorn Looft reported that he has submitted a SMIF grant for $10,000 to finish the western trail in the park. ADJOURNMENT Motion to adjourn the meeting by Edwards, seconded by Trebelhorn. Meeting adjourned at 9:30pm. Michael Looft, Administrator

NOTICE OF DISSOLUTION OF PROGROWTH INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. Dated August 17, 2022 Notice is hereby given to all creditors of and claimants against ProGrowth Insurance Agency, Inc., a Minnesota corporation (the “Company”), organized under the laws of the State of Minnesota pursuant to Minnesota Statutes Chapter 302A. 1. The Company is in the process of dissolving. 2. The Company has filed a Notice of Intent to Dissolve with the Minnesota Secretary of State. 3. The Notice of Intent to Dissolve was filed on August 9, 2022. 4. All claims against the Company must be presented in writing to the Company at ProGrowth Insurance Agency, Inc., 320 Main Ave., P.O. Box 266, Gaylord, MN 55334-0266 to the attention of “Philip A. Keithahn”. Please include copies of any available documentation supporting the claim. 5. All claims must be received no later than November 16, 2022. 46-49c

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