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Public Notices September 14

Winthrop City Council Meeting Minutes Monday, July 25, 2022. A Regular Meeting of the City Council of the City of Winthrop was called to order at 7 p.m. on July 25, 2022, in the city council chambers of the City Hall, for the purpose of conducting city business. Councilors Present: Mayor Pierson, Schmidt, Machaiek, Trebelhorn, Edwards, Wickenhauser. Councilors Absent: None Staff: Chief Police Logan Anderson, Assistant Police Chief Aron Hacker, City Administrator Michael Looft. OPEN PUBLIC FORUM Three citizens spoke: Howard Kammerlander, Chris Neve, and Jeff Keller. Some of their concerns were: Alleyway maintenance, employee safety, water meter installation from 3 years ago. Mr. Keller wanted to know why the public forum was only open 2 minutes for each citizen. He would like it to be added to the next agenda for city council. CONSENT AGENDA Receive the order filed from the Treasurer regarding financial summary of operating results (unaudited) through July 25, 2022, including General Fund information. Minutes and financial claims were motioned for approval by Trebelhorn, seconded by Edwards. Motion passed by unanimous vote. NEW BUSINESS a. Library Board Service Agreement (A) – updates made by the hired library attorney to include language updating personnel sections, financial obligations, and inventory listings – all other language remained the same. Trebelhorn motioned to approve the agreement, seconded by Wickenhauser. Passed by voice vote . b. Resolution 2022-11: Resolution approving a joint powers agreement with Walton Law Office to represent the City of Winthrop and Winthrop Police Department. Motion to approve the joint powers agreement for Walton Law Office by Edwards, seconded by Machaiek. Passed unanimously by voice vote. c. Resolution 2022-12: Resolution Appointing Election Judges & Chairman Judges Motion to accept the resolution appointing the election judges by Edwards, seconded by Schmidt. Resolution passed by voice vote. OLD BUSINESS a. GFW SRO Contract Update and Details (A) Looft reviewed the changes in the contract. Edwards would like to have committee meetings with their police committee and the City of Fairfax. Edwards also spoke to the budget commitments between the City and School Districts. Schmidt does not want the teaching element in the contract at all. Trebelhorn wants a meeting directly to the school. Send an invitation to the school board directly and the City of Fairfax. Potentially for a work session with just the administrators. Motion to table the contract update made by Edwards and seconded by Schmidt. Motion pass unanimously. REPORTS OF OFFICERS, BOARDS AND COMMITTEES a. City Administrator/EDA Director Report – Michael EDA did not have a meeting this past month. The USDA grant for facilities/economic development was submitted. Looft suggested doing a work session on the next council date of August 22 to review the upcoming budget. National Night out is Aug 2nd, there will be food and drink – the public is welcome to come. Looft has been working on records retention with some of the summer help. Next big project is second street, more information to come next month from ISG. b. Electric Department Report – Machaiek Tomorrow is MMPA’s annual meeting. Electric rates are still 10% below the average electric customer in Minnesota. CLOSED MEETING PER MINNESOTA STATE STATUTE 13D.05 SUB2 PART 3 and 4: Any portion of a meeting must be closed if expressly required by other law or if the following types of data are discussed (3) educational data, health data, medical data, welfare data, or mental health data that are not public data under section 13.32, 12.2805, subdivision 1, 12.284, or 13.46, subdivision 2 or 7 or an individual’s medical records governed by sections 144.291 to 144.298. -Mayor Pierson read the above Minnesota State Statute before closing the public meeting. Closed Session: Personnel Motion to separate employment with Melissa Lorenz due to unexcused absences from July 1-July 25, 2022 and it causing undue hardship to the City of Winthrop and it has been determined that the requested accommodations cause additional undue hardship to the City. Motion by Trebelhorn, seconded by Wickenhauser. Motion passed by unanimously voice vote. ADJOURNMENT Motion to adjourn the meeting by Edwards, seconded by Trebelhorn. Meeting adjourned at 8:40pm. Michael Looft, Administrator


STATE OF MINNESOTA COUNTY OF SIBLEY DISTRICT COURT FIRST JUDICIAL DISTRICT Probate Division Court File No. 72-PR-22-41 Judge: Amber Donley In Re: Estate of Otto A. Gutknecht, Deceased. ORDER AND NOTICE OF HEARING ON PETITION FOR FORMAL PROBATE OF WILL AND APPOINTMENT OF PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE(S) IN UNSUPERVISED ADMINISTRATION AND NOTICE TO CREDITORS TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS AND CREDITORS: It is Ordered and Notice is hereby given that on the 10th day of October, 2022, at 10:45 a.m., a Hearing will be held in the above named Court at Gaylord, Minnesota, for the formal probate of an instrument purporting to be the Will of the above named Deceased, dated December 21, 2020, and for the appointment of Rebecca Lynn Berg, whose addresses are 101 7-1/2 Avenue, Arlington MN 55307, and Mary Elizabeth Kavan, whose address is 691 4th street, Box 184 Lafayette, MN 56054, as Co-Personal Representatives of the Estate of the above named Decedent in an unsupervised Administration, and that any objections thereto must be filed with the Court. That, if proper, and no objections are filed, said Personal Representatives will be appointed to administer the Estate, to collect all assets, pay all legal debts, claims, taxes and expenses, and sell real and personal property, and do all necessary acts for the Estate. Notice is further given that (subject to Minn. Stat. 524.3-801(b)(c)) ALL CREDITORS having claims against said Estate are required to present the same to the Personal Representative or to the Court Administrator within four months after the date of this Notice or said claims will be barred. Dated: 08/29/2022 Donley, Amber 2022.08.29 Judge (COURT SEAL) Dated: 08/29/2022 Schmuck, Heidi 2022.08.29 Court Administrator Aaron D. Walton Attorney I.D. No. 0352767 Walton Law Group, PLLC Attorney at Law 801 East Lincoln Avenue P.O. Box 87 Olivia, MN 56277-0087 Telephone No. 320-523-2323 Fax No. 320-523-1844 Email: 50-51(af)c

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