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Public Notices October 5

Winthrop City Council Meeting Minutes Monday, August 22, 2022. A Regular Meeting of the City Council of the City of Winthrop was called to order at 7 p.m. on August 22, 2022, in the city council chambers of the City Hall, for the purpose of conducting city business. Councilors Present: Mayor Kelly Pierson, Wickenhauser, Schmidt, Edwards, Machaiek, Trebelhorn. Councilors Absent: None Staff: Michael Looft, Troy Martin, City Attorney Walton. Police Chief Logan Anderson and Assistant Police Chief Aron Hacker. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE OPEN PUBLIC FORUM SMIF from Sarah Scheffert spoke to council about programming and the impact SMIF has in our region CONSENT AGENDA Receive the order filed from the Treasurer regarding financial summary of operating results (unaudited) through July 25, 2022, including General Fund information. Minutes and financial claims were motioned for approval by Edwards, seconded by Wickenhauser. Motion passed unanimously. NEW BUSINESS a. Resolution to 2022-17: Accept a donation from the Winthrop Lions Club on behalf of the Winthrop Police Department. The donation will be used to purchase new tactical defensive training mats. Total amount of the donation $3,756. Motion to accept the donation on behalf of the City by Edwards, seconded by Schmidt. Motion passed unanimously. b. Time constraints on city council open public forum (A) Citizens asked city council to amend and repeal the time constraints on open public forum policy. Edwards would like to look at a different approach. Could we start the meeting later in the evening or could we do a listing session beforehand. Trebelhorn felt like two minutes was standard and felt like it was appropriate. Edwards stated again that citizens should be able to reach out to Michael and be added to the agenda. Edwards would like us to have more education about how to get on the agenda. No action taken. c. SRO Contract with GFW School District (A). Looft gave a brief overview of the contract for the SRO position and the progression of the cancelled contract. Edwards gave an overview of the last meeting with Mr. Horton and Mr. Kuehn. City Council recognized the contract between GFW school district and the City of Winthrop has been cancelled, per the School District requests, for the SRO program in public schools. d. MMPA Power Sales Agreement (A). MMPA is asking for an additional 10-year contract on our preexisting agreement. Motion to approve the agreement. Motion by Trebelhorn and seconded by Schmidt. Motion passed unanimously. e. Amending the original City of Library Board bylaws (A). Approve the changes from five members to seven members, and remove the Sibley County library board reporting requirement, add the per diem of $25.00 per meeting for each member other than the city council members. Motion to approve the changes by Trebelhorn, seconded by Edwards. Motion passed unanimously. f. Appointment of Library Board City Council member to the new City Library Board (A). Megan would like to recognize the well-attended summer reading program. 74 Kids were involved in the summer reading program. Mayor Pierson would like to appoint Dawn Wickenhauser to the city library board with approval from council. Motion to appoint Dawn Wickenhauser to the library board to oversee the committee approved by Edwards, seconded by Trebelhorn. Motion passed unanimously. g. Civic System Software Contract – Cost Savings Server (A). Motion to approve the serve-based system for the total amount of $14,000. Motion made by Edwards, seconded by Trebelhorn. Motion passed unanimously. h. CSAH32 System Change – Draft (A). Change the route of CSAH 32 from first street for two blocks from Main Street to Hennepin Street, essentially moving the street north. Motion to approve to by Schmidt, seconded by Wickenhauser. Motion passed unanimously. OLD BUSINESS a. Resolution 2022-18: Ordering of Improvements to 2nd Street. Motion to accept the resolution and bid for construction improvements on 2nd Street and set a public hearing date on September 26, 2022, by Edwards, seconded by Trebelhorn. Motion passed unanimously. REPORTS OF OFFICERS, BOARDS AND COMMITTEES a. City Administrator/EDA Director Report – Michael. SMIF small cities grant was denied, McCloud Power Agreement is still in progress, Nursing home update on possible new business location. b. City Legal Counsel Report – Aaron. c. Public Works Department Report- Troy. Summer help did a great job and have ended their employment. GPS information is then stored in the cloud. Street light project for main street will begin on fall. d. Ambulance Captain’s Report – Ed. The ambulance crew has 1 new recruit and is going through training. e. Police Chief’s Report – Logan/Aron. Please see the attached report. f. Park Committee- Trebelhorn. Still continuing to work on construction documents for the new pavilion. ADJOURNMENT Motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:26 by Trebelhorn, seconded by Edwards. Michael Looft, Administrator

NOTICE TO FUEL SUPPLIERS Sealed bids will be received by the County of Sibley, Minnesota, in the Public Works Office at 111 8th Street PO Box 897, Gaylord, Minnesota 55334-0897 until 1:00 P.M., on October 20, 2022, at which place and time they will be publicly opened by two or more persons who have been designated by the County to open bids. Bids are for the following: The 2023 calendar year supply of Unleaded Gasoline and Diesel Fuel for Sibley County Public Works. Bids shall be itemized by maintenance shop location and product type on the provided fuel bid forms. Approximate 2023 calendar year quantities are as follows: Diesel Fuel 80,000 Gallons Unleaded Gasoline 32,000 Gallons Specifications and bid forms may be obtained at the Office of Sibley County Public Works or online at Sibley County Website, Public Works, Advertisement for Bids. Award will be based on lowest total estimated cost of all products at all locations (Grand Total All on bid form). The County Board reserves the right to reject any or all bids or to waive any defects. Rack price must be taken on (Oct. 13th) 1 week before the closing bid date. Bids must be accompanied by a certified check or bidder’s bond, made payable to the County Treasurer, in the amount of $500.00. Timothy Becker Public Works Director Sibley County   51-1c

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