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School Board notes

by Doug Hanson
The GFW School Board held a work session on March 6th. The regular monthly meeting is set for March 20th. The News ran the discussion on roofs last week, here are the other topics discussed.
A conversation on items that committees should be discussing was brought forth by Director Emilee Stehr. She asked if some of the topics on the agenda should be discussed by the committees involved first prior to being on an agenda.
Superintendent Jeff Horton suggested that maybe the School Board would like to set up regular committee meetings instead of the monthly work sessions. There was some discussion on whether the committees should have two or three members.
Chairman Dan Merkel stated that the schools he has talked to have more committee meetings and less work sessions.
As the Board talked about the structure involved in setting committees, it was decided that Merkel, Ken Briese and Drew Schmidt would meet with Horton to start laying out a plan. That committee will meet on March 16th.
GFW has several grants that help run various programs. The Board asked about the number of grants and information on what they are for, when they start and when those grants runs out. Chief Financial Officer Lindsey Heine answered questions on the grants and review the current grants that the school had. The Board asked if they could be given a regular spreadsheet on the grants so they know when grants are ending. The Directors wanted advance notice so they won’t end up being surprised when a grant runs out.
A future policy of how to handle overdose medication was also discussed. School Nurse Danielle Bruns attended the meeting to discuss the rising cases of drug-related overdoses in the states. The safety of students fall into this category and the District is researching a policy where school staff could administer a medication that would enhance the student’s health through the overdose.
Bruns stated that there are several details that need to be worked out before a policy could be written, but wanted to present the topic. For now the District will just research options.

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