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Public Notices July 12

Winthrop City Council
Meeting Minutes
Monday, May 22nd, 2023
A Regular Meeting of the City Council of the City of Winthrop was called to order at 7 p.m. on May 22nd, in the city council chambers of the City Hall, for the purpose of conducting city business.
Councilors Present: Mayor Edwards, Councilors Trebelhorn, Schmidt, O’Connor, Wickenhauser, Machaiek
Councilors Absent: None
Staff: City Administrator Michael Looft, City Clerk Heather Haun, Officer Brian Hasbargen, Ambulance Capitan Ed Stoll, Police Chief Logan Anderson
Meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm. Pledge of Allegiance.
Cory Schauer and Teddy Schauer read the ordinance violation letter they received. Male states the letter is too vague and only giving 10 days is not enough time to fix the violations. Looft advised that the property is zoned for residential which is the partially the reason for the violations. Mayor advised them to check with the police department.
Motion made by O’Connor to establish the current agenda, seconded by Wickenhauser. Motion carried.
4.1 Approval of Minutes: April 24, 2023
4.2 Approval of Minutes: May 2, 2023
4.3 Approval of Unaudited Financial Results April 24 – May 21, 2023
Motion made by Trebelhorn to approve minutes and unaudited financials, seconded by O’Connor. Motion carried.
5.1 Approval for 2nd Street Project (A)
City staff is looking for direction on the approval and to continue to work on the 2nd Street project. This approval will approve the plans as presented to Council during the April 24, 2023, council meeting, including the financial update, and streetscape. This is not an approval of going out to bid.
Schmidt asked where the funding comes from for the streetscape part of the project. Looft advised it is part of the general obligation bond.
Trebelhorn made a motion to approve the project as presented and continue the assessments configuration as done in the past. O’Conner seconded the motion.
Motion discussion included: Schmidt advised she feels that the assessments for this are bigger and unfair. Trebelhorn advised they are possibly larger due to today’s cost versus when the Carver St project took place; and it seems like a double burden on residents who already paid assessments on previous projects. Walton advised that certain people could defer their payments until later if they fit the statute to do so. Machaiek is wondering why the industry wouldn’t pay for more of the cost instead of the homeowners. Schmidt feels that the streetscape part of it needs to be reviewed and feels it is a lot of money and suggested getting a quote for what the project would be if nothing was changed other than replacing the sewer and the street the way they are. Trebelhorn advised to get these quotes would cost even more money.
Mayor Edwards called for the vote. The motion passed three to two, Schmidt and Machaiek voted nay; Trebelhorn, Wickenhauser, and O’Conner vote yay.
5.2 2nd Street Assessments and Funding Portions (A). Looft presented different funding options for cost participation. Included 0%, 50%, and 100% use of the funds to give the council a range to identify for the remainder of the project.
5.3 Temporary Liquor License: Chamber of Commerce (A). The Chamber of Commerce is requesting a temporary liquor license for Farm City Fun Fest, the festival runs from July 7-9.
Motion made to approve the liquor license by Machaiek seconded Schmidt. Motion carried.
5.4 Fire Department Air Pack Equipment Upgrade (A). The fire department has, for the past six years, put in a FEMA grant to help cover the costs of Air Pack Equipment. The Air Packs are currently non-compliant and need replacement. According to different sources, include a representative from the State Fire Marshalls office, believe that the upcoming FEMA grant will also be denied. The denial will come in August. The cost to replace the Air Packs are above $200,000 (See quote from agent). Currently there are 9 Air Packs, only 6 are functioning. Recently an air pack failed during training for one of our new recruits.
Looft explained there are two bids for the quantity of 10 pack and 27 masks. The companies are going to come and do demonstrations in the next few weeks.
Motion made by O’Connor to approve up to $150,000 in spending, seconded Machaiek. Motion carried.
5.5 Purchase Agreement for 2nd Street Project (A) The owners at 109 N Hennepin have gone through the formal process of appraisal services for their house demolition for the 2nd Street Project. The appraisal was conducted by Mattison Appraisal Services Inc. The appraisal was for the total amount of $125,000, the family is asking for $175,000 for the inconvenience of moving out of a home that is livable. After the council approves this a purchase agreement will be drawn up for both parties to approve. (see attached appraisal report).
Machaiek made the motion for the $175,000 seconded by Schmidt. Motion carried.
Looft – Talked about the new system and council having access to it. Went to a conference about retention and recruitment. SMIF is bringing up a revitalize program and allows multiple communities to work together to build a better community.
Public Works – Looft stated public works is starting the flushing of the hydrants, starting on the patching of some of the roads, there are catch basins that are falling in and they are addressing these.
Police – April nicer weather is starting to show a trending the police calls. Ordinance violations are not included in this due to throwing off the numbers. Gave an update on the new police building remodel. There is one of the squads at Guardian getting the camera systems put in. Spoke about the K9 program and the anonymous donners, about ½ way to the goal.
Park Committee – will meet soon, just got estimated bids back on the Pavilion and they came back very high.
Electrical Committee – July 25th is the annual meeting in Buffalo. There is a meeting tomorrow as well.
Library Committee- Working on establishing the friends of the library group. The program turning out is going well.
Looft – we have the option for going to certain marijuana smoke free zones, and will be working with Walton.
Mayor Edwards gave a speech in memory of Arlys who was a great advocate for the City of Winthrop. She helped with many projects over the years. She will be missed greatly by the community.
Motioned to adjourn the meeting at 7:43 PM by O’Connor, seconded by Machaiek. Motion to adjourn carried.
Michael Looft
City Administrator


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN: That default has occurred in the conditions of the following described mortgage: DATE OF MORTGAGE: August 22, 2005 ORIGINAL PRINCIPAL AMOUNT OF MORTGAGE: $28,000.00 MORTGAGOR(S): Kimberly Ann Walior Kaiser, an unmarried woman MORTGAGEE: Argent Mortgage Company, LLC SERVICER: Specialized Loan Servicing LLC LENDER: Argent Mortgage Company, LLC. DATE AND PLACE OF FILING: Sibley County Recorder, on September 27, 2005, as Document No. A-203392. ASSIGNED TO: The Bank of New York Mellon, f/k/a The Bank of New York, as successor to JPMorgan Chase Bank N. A. as Indenture Trustee, on behalf of the holders of the Terwin Mortgage Trust 2006-2HGS, Asset-backed Securities, Series 2006-2HGS by an Assignment of Mortgage dated 08/26/2005 and recorded on 02/14/2023 as Document No. A259713. LEGAL DESCRIPTION OF PROPERTY: THE EAST 80 FEET OF LOT 6 IN BLOCK 1, IN FRANK NELSON`S ADDITION TO THE CITY OF WINTHROP, SIBLEY COUNTY, MINNESOTA PROPERTY ADDRESS: 419 W 4th St, Winthrop, MN 55396 PROPERTY I.D: 37-0251-000 COUNTY IN WHICH PROPERTY IS LOCATED: Sibley THE AMOUNT CLAIMED TO BE DUE ON THE MORTGAGE ON THE DATE OF THE NOTICE: Thirty-Four Thousand Two Hundred Eighty-Six and 50/100 ($34,286.50) THAT no action or above-described been instituted at law to recover the debt secured by said mortgage, or any part thereof; that there has been compliance with all pre-foreclosure notice and acceleration requirements of said mortgage, and/or applicable statutes; PURSUANT, to the power of sale contained in said mortgage, the above described property will be sold by the Sheriff of said county as follows: DATE AND TIME OF SALE: 10:00AM on August 15, 2023 PLACE OF SALE: Sheriff`s Main Office, 319 Park, Gaylord, MN 55334 to pay the debt then secured by said mortgage and taxes, if any actually paid by the mortgagee, on the premises and the costs and disbursements allowed by law. The time allowed by law for redemption by said mortgagor(s), their personal representatives or assigns is 6.00 months from the date of sale. If Mortgage is not reinstated under Minn. Stat. Section580.30 or the property is not redeemed under Minn. Stat. Section580.23, the Mortgagor must vacate the property on or before 11:59 p.m. on February 15, 2024, or the next business day if February 15, 2024 falls on a Saturday, Sunday or legal holiday. “THE TIME ALLOWED BY LAW FOR REDEMPTION BY THE MORTGAGOR, THE MORTGAGOR’S PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVES OR ASSIGNS, MAY BE REDUCED TO FIVE WEEKS IF A JUDICIAL ORDER IS ENTERED UNDER MINNESOTA STATUTES, SECTION 582.032, DETERMINING, AMONG OTHER THINGS, THAT THE MORTGAGED PREMISES ARE IMPROVED WITH A RESIDENTIAL DWELLING OF LESS THAN FIVE UNITS, ARE NOT PROPERTY USED IN AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTION, AND ARE ABANDONED.” Dated: June 28, 2023 The Bank of New York Mellon, f/k/a The Bank of New York, as successor to JPMorgan Chase Bank N. A. as Indenture Trustee, on behalf of the holders of the Terwin Mortgage Trust 2006-2HGS, Asset-backed Securities, Series 2006-2HGS Randall S. Miller and Associates, PLLC Attorneys for Assignee of Mortgage/Mortgagee Edinburgh Executive Office Center, 8525 Edinbrook Crossing North Suite #210 Brooklyn Park, MN 55443 Phone: 952-232-0052 Our File No. 22MN00330-1 A-4788574

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