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Gibbon Council picks Winthrop’s Police Chief to help with transition

by Doug Hanson
Faced with its police chief’s resignation as of November 1st, the Gibbon City Council held a special meeting on October 27th to pass two resolutions to move forward. After talking with area police departments, the Gibbon Council had reached out to the City of Winthrop for assistance. After some discussion, the Winthrop City Council approved entering into an agreement with the City of Gibbon at its October 23rd meeting.
Not knowing how long it will take to find a new chief, the Gibbon Council asked for Winthrop Police Chief Logan Anderson to handle the Interim Chief’s role and all the paperwork that entails. The contract calls for Gibbon to pay the City of Winthrop $4,500 per month for these duties. Anderson will mainly be working in the office.
The Gibbon Council asked a variety of questions about the agreement. Anderson stated it will be an adjustment period for both department, but that Winthrop has the personnel to handle the various tasks. It was also noted that Winthrop’s Assistant Chief Aron Hacker is scheduled to come back from her leave soon.
Deciding it was time to get some additional field training for their full-time officer, Gibbon’s Stephanie Kvare will ride along with Winthrop’s Reed Mitchell as the duo covers both Gibbon and Winthrop. The training is scheduled to take 80 hours with Kvare also attending a couple training seminars.
The contract calls for Winthrop to be paid $34.44 per hour for this field training. Scheduling will need some adjustments as Winthrop officers work 12 hour shifts.

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