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A farmer’s life and legacy

by Denise Bonsack
Standard, Gazette,Messenger Publisher
Little clouds of dust rise from the landscape from one end of the horizon to the other. The change from lush green fields to dry rustling leaves is complete, and the transformation from standing rows to flat black soil is in progress.
It’s harvest time in Southern Minnesota and farm families are working around the clock, trying to gather their crop into trucks, grain carts and wagons to bins or elevators before the weather turns.
Farming is always about the future. You plant seed to harvest it…in the future. You apply chemicals and fertilizers so your crop yields better and your soil is more productive…in the future. You raise animals to sell or butcher…in the future. You teach your children the value of hard work and sacrifice so they can do the same…in the future.

For the entire story, check out the November 8 issue of the Winthrop News.

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