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GFW question passes, two new board members elected

The question to revoke the existing referendum revenue authorization of $1,406.30 per pupil and replace it with a new authorization for $992.40 per pupil, a decrease of $413.90 per pupil, was passed by GFW voters at the election on November 7.
Mark Turtle, facing three other candidates, was elected to the vacant Gibbon School Board position and George Grosam was elected to the vacant Fairfax seat.
The question passed 803-230.
Winthrop passed the question 259-74, Gibbon 329-71 and Fairfax 215-85.
In the Gibbon race, Turtle received 37 percent of the vote while Kathi Gruenhagen received 29 percent.
Turtle received 374 votes. Gibbon cast 167 of those votes, Winthrop 118 and Fairfax 89.
Gruenhagen received 293 votes. Gibbon cast 86 of those votes, Winthrop 80 and Fairfax 127.
Casey Prochniak received 190 votes. Gibbon cast 94 of those votes, Winthrop 71 and Fairfax 25.
Bernadine Sauter received 139 votes. Gibbon cast 42 of those votes, Winthrop 56 and Fairfax 41.
There were a total of 14 write-in votes for the Gibbon seat.
For the Fairfax seat, Grosam received 667 votes with write-ins receiving 217.
In Fairfax Grosam had 158 votes and write-ins 97, in Winthrop Grosam garnered 257 votes with 37 write-ins and in Gibbon Grosam had 252 votes with 83 write-ins. Keith Bode was the leading write-in vote getter with 187 total votes.

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