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Local chain gang work state Tournament game

GFW Activity Director Rich Busse made a suggestion to the school’s veteran football chain gang to apply to work a state tournament game. Dale Boyum, who has worked home football games in Winthrop for 50 years, thought why not. So he applied but stated that they would only work a championship game (no cold weather games). Boyum stated at first they were picked to be the auxiliary chain gang for the nine-man game between Nevis and Kingsland. The main chain would come from Duluth. The auxiliary game doesn’t have a chain between the yardage markers! But a change in the Duluth team would move the Winthrop group to be the main team.
Tim and Liz Schmidt, who started working the games in 1994, run the yardage markers. They brought son Adam along to handle putting the clip on the yard line. Tim stated he enjoys being on the sideline watching the plays develop. But one play had a player coming right at them and ended up getting tangled up in the chain
The whole group totally enjoyed the experience, which also included a tour under the stadium to the locker rooms, the coaches/players lunch area and, on this trip, a look at the Monday Night Football trailer.

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