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Local helps with deer rescue near New Auburn

On Saturday morning at about 8:50 a.m., Chad Anderson of Winthrop received a call from Kerry Wetherich about a deer that had broken through the ice on High Island Lake in New Auburn.
The deer was about 300 yards from the shore. They took a boat and proceeded to get it across the ice toward the deer.
Anderson was on his belly with a rope tied to him and could hear the ice cracking the closer they were to the deer.
Once they got close to the deer, the boat went into the water and they were able to tie a rope around the deer.
They got the boat back on top of the ice and proceeded to make their way back to shore, pulling the deer with them.
Once they got the deer to shore, Chad covered it with his jacket before Deb Wetherich brought out a carpet for it to lay on and a blanket was placed over it. The entire rescue took about two hours.
They left the deer and when they returned it was gone.
Mother Nature caught the deer by surprise as Wetherich was duck hunting a few days earlier on the lake and now there was a ice.
Wetherich said this was his fourth or fifth deer that he had rescued from the lake over the years.
This was the second rescue Anderson has helped with. That one occurred the last week of November 2019.

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