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Schmidt resigns from Council

Megan Schmidt resigned from her seat on the Winthrop City Council at the City Council’s regular meeting on Monday evening.
She read from a prepared statement. “I cannot sit on a Council that allows me to be personally attacked with false allegations concerning city business and does nothing about it, even when members of our Council and city leadership have information that can discredit these allegations,” she said. “I was also not given the opportunity to address these allegations myself.”
She referred to an open forum in October when a citizen said that the Schmidt’s owed the city money and Schmidt said this was not true. She continued that a loan between Winthrop EDA and Winthrop Market was made with no personal guarantee. She said that her husband sat on the EDA and with no solutions coming forward to keep the grocery store going at the time and he stepped in to keep the store in Winthrop in 2019.
“These false allegations have hurt me and my family,” she said. “Too many times people use public platforms, both in person and online to wrongfully attack individuals. When we condone this kind of behavior it just perpetuates the problem. It’s okay to be passionate about things but needlessly putting down others to advance your position or agenda is not the right path to take…
“I am disheartened by the current state of Winthrop and its leadership. I appreciate the opportunity to have served the public for the past three years. “

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