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Love for baking inspiration for The Prairie Patisserie

by Maggie Buettner
Diane Radloff started The Prairie Patisserie in November 2018 as a business out of her home. She lives in rural Winthrop with her husband, Shawn, and two sons, where they farm row crops and raise beef cattle.
“I’ve loved baking my whole life. My mom taught me at a young age, but she wouldn’t allow me use the mixer, so I had to mix cookies or cakes together with a fork! I’d check out cookbooks from the school library and tear dessert recipes out of my mom’s magazines. I’ve also held a handful of jobs working in commercial kitchens, where baking sweets was always involved.” Diane continued “I did not go to culinary school, but got a degree in math/statistics instead. I moved out to Washington, D.C. for several years after college and worked as a statistician at the Census Bureau. It was while I was living out there that I took a cake decorating class, and then started baking cakes for friends and co-workers. That continued when I moved back to Minnesota, but then I stopped when I got married, moved to Winthrop, and had our boys.”

For the entire story, check out the December 13 issue of the Winthrop News.

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