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Winthrop Council calls for advertisement of bids for Second Street project

by Michael Mattison
The authorizing approval of plans and advertising for bids for the Second Street project was approved by the Winthrop City Council at a special meeting on December 18.
The Second Street project will go from North Brown Street to County Ditch 42. It will replace sanitary and storm sewer, watermain, street and add other amenities.
In addition to the infrastructure being old, in some cases 100 years, the project needs to be done before MnDOT does its Highway 19 project through Winthrop which is scheduled for 2028.
“We have made considerable progress on Second Street,” City Administrator Michael Looft said. The MPCA permits were approved earlier this month and all the properties on Hennepin Street that needed to be purchased and inspected have occurred as well. The three homes will need to be taken down. Looft felt that process held up the entire process even more than the permitting.
Another public hearing had to be held because a year had lapsed since it was originally approved.
The city portion of the project is estimated to be $3.3 million with Sibley County also contributing about $1.2 million. The total project cost is projected at just shy of $8 million.
The assessment projections for properties affected were $14,205 for full parcels.

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