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Winthrop EDA hears reports on business opportunities

by Doug Hanson
It has been about a month since the for sale sign came down at the former grocery store. Last Wednesday at the Winthrop EDA meeting, its was reported that the signed purchase agreement is waiting for the building to be assessed before the sale is finalized. With the holidays that process is taking a little longer than expected.
The buyer has a couple of stores in the Twin Cities. It was said that he likes the meat area of the store with the smoker. His stores also have a lot of deli items and grab and go type eating items.
A deal is never final until the money exchanges hands, but that is suppose to happen in early to mid-January. Once that is done the buyer wants to update the flooring, work on the freezer area on the south wall of the store and some general maintenance outside.
For now it is wait patiently for the signing.
In another project, a business plan was present to redevelop the offices on the south side of Second Street. The plan called for a fitness center and several other activity type areas. Negotiating for the purchase of the building and applying for grants and loans from State and Federal sources were the next steps.
It was reported that EDA Director Michael Looft was monitoring the progress at Winthrop Mercantile and trying to help push the business closer to opening.
The EDA has a Facade Grant Program that offers a one dollar for one dollar forgivable loan for work on the outside of businesses. With the re-construction of Second Street this summer, this is a good time for businesses to have a facelift. For more on this project, contact the EDA at City Hall.
The new website for the City of Winthrop will be up and running by the middle of January. The new site is more user friendly and will allow organizations such as the Chamber and Winthrop Opportunities and other civic organization to keep there portion up-to-date.
The EDA reviewed the six current business loans and also granted a donation request from the Winthrop Garden Club for $500 to help with its projects.

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