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Public Notices March 10

Winthrop City Council Regular Minutes Monday, February 1st, 2021 A regular meeting of the Winthrop City Council was called to order by Mayor Kelly Pierson at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, February 1st by Zoom. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE ROLL: Council members: Kelly Pierson, Pete Machaiek, Julie Trebelhorn, Dale Malheim, Rob Edwards and Megan Schmidt, City Staff present: City Administrator Jenny Palmer, Police Chief Karen Johnson, Police Officer Eric Cruckson, Police Officer Kenny Peterson, Public Works Director Troy Martin, Ambulance Captain Ed Stoll Justin Alderman, Walton Law Group. Audience: Mike Mattison (Winthrop News) OPEN PUBLIC FORUM No one spoke APPROVAL OF AGENDA Palmer added d. Appoint Mike DeWitte to EDA, Machaiek added e. Water Issues, Pierson added f. Parking on Carver Street. Motion Malheim, second Edwards. Passed voice vote. **OFFICER ERIC CRUCKSON WAS SWORN IN AT THIS TIME** APPROVAL OF CONSENT AGENDA Motion Malhiem, second Trebelhorn. Passed voice vote. NEW BUSINESS a. Storm Sewer Repairs (A)— Martin presented a quote from Hjerpe Contracting for $10,892.00 to repair a broken storm sewer line behind 607 N. Hennepin. Motion Schmidt, second Edwards to approve the repairs using funds remaining from 2020. Passed voice vote. b. Delinquent Utilities (I)— Palmer updated the council on the status of the delinquent utility accounts. The delinquent utilities are around $40,000 and most are 90 days or more out. This is about double what the city usually has and typically only 60 days out. Palmer wanted the council to be aware of the situation because when the city is able to disconnect there will be a number of residents who can’t pay their bills. Matthew Schuth is working on payment arrangements for customers. There may also be recommendations from the State when the disconnection moratorium is off. Currently the state guidelines are no disconnects and no penalty. The city will be able to assess some of the accounts to property taxes in the fall but renter/landlord arrangements may be difficult. c. Opening City Hall to the Public (A)—Palmer said that cases are down to around a 2% infection rate so City Hall can probably be open suggesting maybe following Sibley County when they open. Motion Malheim, second Trebelhorn to follow Sibley County regarding opening City Hall. Passed voice vote. d. Appoint Mike DeWitte to EDA Board (A)—Palmer said that Scott Blumhoefer has tendered his resignation from the EDA Board. Mike DeWitte said he would be willing to serve on the board. Palmer is wondering if the council is ok with appointing DeWitte without advertising because the city just advertised in December and there were no candidates applied. Motion Edwards, second Malheim to appoint Mike DeWitte to the EDA Board to finish Scott Blumhoefer’s term. Passed voice vote. e. Water Issues (I)—Machaiek said that he has had some complaints from residents in the northeast part of town about rusty water. Trebelhorn and Schmidt also commented on some residents will very rusty water including their own residents. Martin said that the reports he has had have not been consistent with a city issue. It seems to be a house here and a house there. Martin said they can backflush more often or look into costs to replace the birm but he said the birm isn’t that old and the cost/benefit to backflush more often may be too high. He will continue to monitor the problem and talk to Curt Reetz about it next time he is here. f. Parking on Carver Street (I)—Mayor Pierson said that he has been contacted by a resident about the difficulty driving down Carver Street with no striping and big trucks on both sided. Pierson is wondering if the City should look at parking on only one side of the street or other parking alternatives. Martin said that Bryan Petzel with ISG mentioned that once the final lift was put on and the stripes were applied the angle of the parking should alleviate the problem. Currently there are no parking lines on the road so the parking angle isn’t enough to allow traffic through easily. Palmer will check with some of the businesses and see if they are agreeable to parking on one side of the street. Palmer will also take some pictures and send them to Bryan with ISG. Malheim asked if the yellow curb along Carver and Hennepin could be lengthened right off Highway 19 to allow cars to pull over when a vehicle is turning off the highway. The roads are too narrow to pull over when someone is turning off the highway. Martin said that they can paint more yellow on the curb this summer. REPORTS OF OFFICERS, BOARDS AND COMMITTEES a. ADMINISTRATOR/EDA REPORT—Palmer reported that she and Martin had a meeting with ISG and the state regarding PFA funding for the wastewater reuse program. Also, ISG is still working on cost distribution for the project. It should be ready to present in March. The SCADA project for the water and sewer plant is progressing. The stormwater preliminary report is done. Martin and Palmer will be meeting with ISG on the 3rd to go over the report. Palmer is working with Darin Haslip to get a better report on the property at 606 N. Carver, to enforce the building code on the property there. There are two hazardous properties on Hennepin Street that have been receiving complaints. Haslip did a report on the exterior but was asking if he should get inside the homes. Palmer asked the council for their thoughts. If the city starts the condemnation process then they have to finish it, which may end up with the city paying the costs to demolish the homes and assessing the costs to the property. Also, there are other homes in town that should also be addressed. Palmer will get an inventory of the hazardous buildings in town for the council to consider. Palmer spent 12 hours on EDA related tasks which included bookwork, attending meetings and assisting with the county COVID grants. c. WATER/SEWER DEPARTMENT REPORT—Martin will be meeting with the DNR to discuss well head protection plan update. SCADA is proceeding, waiting on installation of equipment. e. ELECTRIC DEPARTMENT REPORT— i. MMPA Public Summary—included ii. MMPA 2020 Year in Review—Included iii. Also Machaiek gave an update on the MMPA meeting which included MMPA installing EV charging stations in all member cities. g. AMBULANCE REPORT—Captain Stoll reported that the EMT 24 hr refresher is coming up. The ambulance crew will be getting their 2nd COVID dose soon. The new ambulance should be in mid to late April. h. POLICE CHIEF’S REPORT—written report i. PLANNING COMMISSION—minutes provided k. CABLE COMMISSION—Scott Trebelhorn provided a written report. X. ADJOURNMENT Motion Trebelhorn, second Edwards to adjourn. Passed voice vote. Meeting adjourned at 7:50pm. : Jenny Palmer, Administrator


Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State Certificate of Assumed Name Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 333 The filing of an assumed name does not provide a user with exclusive rights to that name. The filing is required for consumer protection in order to enable customers to be able to identify the true owner of a business. ASSUMED NAME: Candlelight Real Estate PRINCIPAL PLACE OF BUSINESS: 520 4th St Green Isle MN 55338 USA NAMEHOLDER(S): Name: Uphill Management llc Address: 520 4th St Green Isle MN 55338 USA By typing my name, I, the undersigned, certify that I am signing this document as the person whose signature is required, or as agent of the person(s) whose signature would be required who has authorized me to sign this document on his/her behalf, or in both capacities. I further certify that I have completed all required fields, and that the information in this document is true and correct and in compliance with the applicable chapter of Minnesota Statutes. I understand that by signing this document I am subject to the penalties of perjury as set forth in Section 609.48 as if I had signed this document under oath. SIGNED BY: Scott Bielke MAILING ADDRESS: 520 4th St Green Isle MN 55338 EMAIL FOR OFFICIAL NOTICES: STATE OF MINNESOTA OFFICE OF THE SECRETARY OF STATE FILED 02/17/2021 11:59 PM /s/Steve Simon Secretary of State 22-23(af)c

NOTICE GRAVEL CONTRACTORS Notice is hereby given that the Town Board of Transit Township will be receiving Bids for loading and hauling of 4000 yds., more or less, of Class #5 gravel to be delivered to any road in Transit Township. Bids are to be received by the Town Clerk by noon Monday, April 5, 2021, and will be opened at 9;00 pm. Monday, April 5, 2021. The gravel to be hauled before July 15, 2021. A 5% Bid Bond and a Certificate of Insurance are to accompany the Gravel Bid. Any questions contact the Town Clerk. Transit Town Clerk Wayne R. Grams 24799 501 Ave. Winthrop, MN 55396 Cell Phone 218-341-3406 23c

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