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Locals get arrested

A Gibbon man was arrested for both first degree and fifth degree possession of a controlled substance. According to the complaint filed in Sibley County District Court, Jesse Joe Roth, 43 of Gibbon, was arrested at his place of employment on September 13. The Sibley County Sheriff’s Office was contacted by a property owner in rural Gibbon that stated Roth had been living with him for a couple of months. The owner suspected Roth to be using narcotics and found a backpack in his barn that he thought was drugs. Deputies executed a search warrant and located the backpack, finding two large plastic bags and one glass jar that contained a green leafy substance consistent with marijuana and weighing a total of about 782 grams. The plastic bag contained a white crystal-like substance that tested positive for methamphetamine and weighed about 136 grams, according to the complaint. Deputies also found a “dugout” and a scale along with paperwork and registration information near the backpack containing the defendant’s name. Roth denied possession of the backpack but admitted to having used controlled substance recently. The felony first degree offense carries a minimum or 65 months and not more than 40 years imprisonment, a $1 million fine or both. The fifth degree offense carries a maximum five years and/or $10,000.

A Winthrop man was arrested for third degree assault and domestic assault last week. John Anthony Schilz, 35 of Winthrop, assaulted his father on September 10 according to the complaint filed in Sibley County District Court. The complaint alleges that the defendant started shouting “kill, kill, kill:” as his father entered the residence and then puched him in the face. The father attemped to get away but was not successful as the defendant punched him 10-15 times with a closed first in the head, ears and face. The father suffered multiple fractures to his face. Accordingto the complaint, Schilz remained in the house and law enforcement were unable to get him to leave the residence. Law enforcement returned the following day and arrested him with no incident. Schilz said he does not remember punching his father and believed he was being attacked by other people.

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