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Gibbon Post Office continues to assist Fairfax

Since the fire in early October that affected the Fairfax Post Office, the Gibbon Post Office has been helping out so that Fairfax residents can receive their mail. Gibbon Postmaster Matt Martinez said that his office will continue to help out until it is no longer needed. Because of the holidays and the construction that has to take place at the Fairfax Post Office, he anticipates that the current arrangement will last until spring. Martinez said that things are going pretty smoothly. “We just realize just how important it is for customers to use their box number when they can,” he said. The Fairfax employees that come over to Gibbon to sort know the customer’s box numbers but they might not be able to show up on some days which would make sorting much more difficult. “They drop off all of the Fairfax mail in Gibbon,” Martinez said. “I usually break it down and Jane (Munsel) starts sorting it because she has all the information. We do whatever legwork we can to help them out. “We can sort the box section number because 80 percent of them have good box section numbers on them. If there is a street address that we don’t know, Jane is the only one that knows it.” The rural carriers now have their route leaving Gibbon as well. Fairfax Post Office customers pick up their mail in the Gibbon Office. The mail load is much higher than normal for Gibbon as one would expect. Martinez said they now have about 400 extra box section customers and another 500 street deliveries from Fairfax. He estimates that Gibbon is now handling about 20,000 extra pieces of mail a week. “All of us are just happy to be able to help out,” he said.

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