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GFW Board discusses roofs

by Doug Hanson
At their monthly work session on March 6, the GFW School Board asked for a report on the roofs that were leaking recently. Brian Weir, facility manager, explained that the roof over the 2008 locker room addition was design with slopes to the middle where two drains would get rid of the water. However after the snow and rain mixture came this last time the drains were frozen over and also covered with snow. He went up and shoveled off the snow and broke open the drain. This last snow did not result in any leakage. Weir stated that he wanted to ask a contractor why the design has a short wall surrounding the roof, thus preventing the wind from blowing off the snow. He added he had asked a roofing company for an assessment of some of the roofs.
The roof on the newest part of the elementary school was also leaking. Weir stated that the 2020 assessment of roofs stated that particular roof had one or two year of life left. Again a contractor will be asked for options.
The School Board asked about costs for different projects. Lindsey Heine, Chief Financial Officer, reported that during the past four years, the District has spent an average of $74,000 on patching roofs. That is about a third of the Long Term Maintenance budget. It was also stated that to replace a roof, the cost would be over $200,000 a section. Weir stated that both the high school and elementary school have eight sections of roof.
The school’s maintenance crew inspects the roofs every summer. It was mentioned that some repairs would be needed this summer.
More on the work session in next week’s News.

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