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Bartels Truck Line celebrating over 75 years in business

by Michael Mattison
For more than 75 years now, Bartels Truck Line has been a mainstay in the Winthrop business community.
Alvin Bartels started the business in February of 1946. At that time, the bank owned the property which the business is now located on. Alvin purchased the land and building for $5,000.
He started out with three trucks and hauled mostly livestock to South St. Paul. He started with feeder cattle out of North Dakota, South Dakota and then Montana. He would also get into hauling grain.
Alvin would add diesel trucks in the early 1950s. They would have 4-5 grain trailers which were used primarily in the summer months while the cattle were on grass in the west. The quality of the cattle that came out of Montana helped Bartels to grow his business.

For the entire story, check out the March 29 issue of the Winthrop News.

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