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Sunflower season was a sunny success

by Maggie Buettner
The Gibbon Sunflower Field again had a beautiful year despite the drought and extreme temperatures. The field was planted on June 16th and the height of the field was about nine feet tall by August 25th, opening day. In 75 days, they averaged 1.4 inches of growth a day with less than five inches of rain in that time!! One plant was measured at 11 feet six inches tall and had 30 blooms on it.
Over 25 area businesses contributed to the props this year and the visitors enjoyed them all in their pictures. Many groups were able to visit the field including assisted living residents and group homes. The trails were packed enough that wheelchairs and strollers were able to use them. Over four thousand people explored the trails, took pictures, and enjoyed the wildlife. Those who signed the guestbook during the seventeen days were from 23 states as well as Germany and Mexico. The sunsets attracted many locals who socialized daily on the berm and benches.

For the entire story, check out the September 20 issue of the Winthrop News.

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