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GFW climbing out of SOD

by Doug Hanson

There is light at the end of the tunnel as the GFW School Board heard that the District should be out of Statutory Operating Debt (SOD) by June 30th. “Every December we do an audit”, stated Superintendent Jeff Horton. “While we always wait until the final numbers come out, we are close enough now in that process to share some exciting news, as we are projecting that we are exiting Statutory Debt” The District’s Chief Financial Officer Lindsey Heine stated “we are comfortable enough to say that at the end of fiscal year 21 we will exit Statutory Operating Debt. “ She went to say that the District should have a fund balance of $375, 000. Horton added that the District still have the levy dollars and some one time funds to help add programing for the students. Superintendent Horton submitted a column on finances and the steps moving forward. It is printed on page 2. In other business, the Board approved the hiring of Lauren Roiger as a paraprofessional, Signe Andrashie and Joseph Lopez to help with our transportation department. Kris Swenson and Tylor Hopp were hired as assistant boys basketball coaches. There were three donations approved. The Winthrop Honor Guard donated $1,000 to the elementary school and another $1,000 to athletics. The Mark and Karen Rauenhorst Foundation donated $1,000 for scholarships. It was also reported that since GFW has over 100 employees, the District is watching the information coming out about employees being vacated. At this time the law is in the courts, so a plan is being made, but no action is being taken at this time.

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