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Kindergarten’s new immersion into dual-language

by Maggie Buettner
The GFW School District is trying something new this year with a Kindergarten Immersion Class. Families had a choice of enrolling their student in regular Kindergarten in English or the Immersion K which is taught in both English and Spanish.
The class currently has 17 motivated and overachieving students. Three of the students speak Spanish at home and one of them has Spanish as their first language.

For the entire story, check out the January 10 issue of the Winthrop News.

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  1. Ann Heymann on January 9, 2024 at 6:30 pm

    Oh my gosh—this is just fabulous! Our girls are now grown, but at the time I tried to make a case for some sort of Spanish emersion; all studies show that early emersion is key. I remember the response; “but we’d have to hire a the teacher” (to which I’d responded but our Spanish speaking students would have a chance to shine—and the teacher could learn, right along with them….This raises my opinion and hopes for our school district!

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