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Osborne honored at WOPP banquet

Roger Osborne was honored at the Winthrop Opportunities annual banquet on Wednesday evening for his many years of working with development corporations in Winthrop. Winthrop Opportunities President Dave Trebelhorn presented him with a plaque. Osborne joined the Winthrop Development Corporation in 1975 and has been on a committee since for all but six years. He recently decided to step down from the Winthrop Opportunities Board. Sibley County Commissioner Steve Saxton, recently elected Chairman, focused his address on public works and how the budget is handled for the road, ditches, etc. Marilee Peterson and Laura Hacker talked about how taxes and assessments are derived, how they interact and how the public can have their questions and concerns handled. For a video of Saxton at the event, check out the Winthrop News website at More videos will follow next week.    Photo by Doug Hanson

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