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GFW to stay with in person learning

At an emergency meeting on Tuesday evening, the GFW School Board was updated on data concerning COVID-19. Superintendent Jeff Horton stated that while numbers are increasing in the counties serving our District, the schools have stayed safe with cases in the single digits at both sites. But the data is starting to climb and with the current break for Thanksgiving so if a change is needed, this would be a good time to make a change.

The meeting was called to consider options for learning. With positive cases increasing throughout the State and most of the area school around GFW going to Distance Learning, the GFW Incident Command Team discussed four possible options for the School Board to review. Three of the four options had grades four through twelve in distance learning with two of the options have preK through third grade in person. One of the options was to stay with the current model with improvements where needed.

Reviewing the options, the Board stressed the need to stay with in school learning until the school data make the current option no longer safe. Also the Board requested a couple of other options to be reviewed with students PreK- eighth grade in school and  9-12 in distance learning and a learning model where half the class would come two days a week and the other half two days during the week.

The Board was willing to meet as needed to address these options are the school year continues. Expanding coverage of the Emergency School Board meeting will be printed in next week’s News.

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