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Public Notices December 7

Winthrop City Council Meeting Minutes Monday, October 24, 2022. A Regular Meeting of the City Council of the City of Winthrop was called to order at 7 p.m. on October 24, 2022, in the city council chambers of the City Hall, for the purpose of conducting city business. Councilors Present: Mayor Pierson; Councilors Schmidt, Machaiek, Trebelhorn, Edwards, Wickenhauser. Councilors Absent: None Staff: Police Chief Logan Anderson, City Clerk Heather Haun, City Administrator Michael Looft, City Attorney Aaron Walton, GFW School Superintendent Jeff Horton. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE CALL TO ORDER Meeting will be called to order at 7:01pm after the pledge of allegiance. OPEN PUBLIC FORUM Jeff Horton asked the city council to sign a ball for Jim Weinzetl. He was recently the victim of an auto theft and his baseball collect was stolen. Jim is a huge advocate for the GFW School District. APPROVAL OF AGENDA Looft asked that agenda item B: Veterans Park agenda be delayed until November. Motion made the motion to approve the agenda as amended by Machaiek, Trebelhorn seconded. Motion carried. CONSENT AGENDA Receive the order filed from the Treasurer regarding financial summary of operating results (unaudited) through October 24, 2022, including General Fund information. Motion by Edwards to accept the financials and easement agreement from Great River Energy, seconded by Machaiek. Motion Carried. PUBLIC HEARINGS Public Hearing for 2023 Utility and Street Improvements (2nd Street) – New assessments mailed to residents. Citizen comments regarding the assessment were as follows: We need to look at the policy on assessments for future street projects. Can we do anything with empty lots? Can the City Administration help with combining the PID lots? Mayor Pierson closed the public hearing at 7:25pm. NEW BUSINESS Resolution 2022-23: Acceptance of the 2021 Sibley County Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan Motion by Machaiek, seconded by Trebelhorn. Motion Carried. Approval for establishing the Special Assessments for 2022 Delinquent water, wastewater and electricity and set a date for Public Hearing on Monday, November 28, 2022 at 7pm. (A) Motion to establish a public hearing by Edwards, seconded by Wickenhauser. Motion Carried. Regularly scheduled December meeting time change: December 26 to December 19 at the regularly schedule time, 7pm. Council approved the city administrator to change the date to December 19th. Motion by Edwards to change the meeting date, seconded by Trebelhorn. Motion Carried/ OLD BUSINESS Winthrop Market Public Funding Option Discussion was opened to the council about the possibility of public funding securing Winthrop Market’s future. Mayor Pierson, on recommendation from other councilors, asked that the WEDA work out what the next steps would look like if the city were to help financially. There was no motion. Information will be provided to the WEDA regarding their next steps. City Budget Review Looft reviewed the budget regarding the last changes. Library funding for benefits was decreased. Funding for Park benefits and hours decreased by $7,000. Planning and Zoning was decreased by $10,000. Storm water and sewer was also decreased by $10,000. Overall proposed levy is currently at 6.78%, an increase over last year of $54,244. No action was taken. ADJOURNMENT Motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:40pm by Trebelhorn, seconded by Edwards. Motion carried. Michael Looft, Administrator



STATE OF MINNESOTA STEELE COUNTY DISTRICT COURT THIRD DISTRICT Court File Number; 74-FA-22-1845 Nicholas Zobel Notice of Issuance of Emergency (Ex Parte) Order for Protection by Publication (Minn. Stat. § 518B.01, subd. 8) In the Matter of Michelle Donovan vs Nicholas Zobel To Respondent: YOU ARE NOTIFIED that an Ex Parte Order for Protection has been issued in this case. You may request a hearing if you contact the court administrator’s office within 12 days of the date of publication of this notice. You may obtain a copy of the Ex Parte Order for Protection and the form to request a hearing from the court administrator’s office at the following address: Steele County District Court 111 East Main Street Owatonna MN 55060 Failure to request a hearing or to obtain a copy of the Ex Parte Order will not be a defense to prosecution for violation of the Court’s order. Dated: December 1, 2022 Robin Hoesley Court Administrator 10(af)c

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