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Cynthia Renee Klukas

Cynthia passed away on January 12, having lived her life in Winthrop for 70 years. She was born in Gaylord on April 22, 1953, was baptized and confirmed at First Lutheran church, and graduated from Winthrop High school in 1971. Cindy enjoyed a good conversation with a relative or friend on a variety of topics. She lived with and cared for mother Evelyn for a number of years until her death in 2007. (Father Melvin died suddenly in 1964,) Cindy struggled with a variety of health issues throughout her life, but usually had a smile on her face. She enjoyed a good joke and had a great laugh. A gathering for family and friends will follow this spring. Please keep her in your thoughts. We will miss her greatly. Any shared memories would be welcome to brother Sheldon.

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